Handroanthus chrysanthus breeding methods and precautions

Written by Maggie

Feb 07 2021

Handroanthus chrysanthus breeding methods and precautions

Handroanthus chrysanthus needs garden soil and river sand mixed soil for cultivation, which can prevent its roots from rot, and also give it plenty of sunlight. With the help of sunlight, it can grow more vigorously. It is necessary to keep the soil moist at all times during the growth period. In the spring and autumn seasons, if the soil has sufficient base fertilizer, it is not necessary to fertilize it, and it can be propagated by cuttings.

Handroanthus chrysanthus picture

Handroanthus chrysanthus

The breeding method of Handroanthus chrysanthus

1. Soil requirements

Handroanthus chrysanthus does not have high requirements on the soil. It generally needs to grow in loose, fertile soil. Its roots are easy to accumulate water and rot, so the soil must have strong drainage. Usually we can plant Tabebuia chrysantha in garden soil. Some river sand can be added appropriately to increase soil drainage.

2. Sufficient light

Handroanthus chrysanthus likes to grow in full sunlight, and in the cultivation method and precautions of handroanthus chrysanthus, do not place it in a cool and ventilated place, otherwise it is easy to get pests and diseases, and it can grow under full sunlight It is more lush, but in summer, it needs to be shaded and sunscreened, just give it enough light for 4 hours.

Handroanthus chrysanthus

3. Water and fertilizer management

During the breeding process of Handroanthus chrysanthus, keep the soil moist at all times. Do not let the soil dry up, otherwise it is easy to dehydrate it. Generally, you do not need to water it, but if the soil dries up, you need to irrigate the soil, usually only the soil Sufficient base fertilizer is enough, no need to fertilize it.

4. Cutting propagation

First, you need to pick the strong branches from the handroanthus chrysanthus plant, then dispose of all the leaves on the upper end of the branches, spray carbendazim to disinfect the wounds, use a mixture of yellow heart soil and river sand as a planting substrate, and insert the processed branches into the substrate , Put it in a cool and ventilated place and wait for it to take root and sprout.

The breeding considerations of Handroanthus chrysanthus

During the seedling stage of Handroanthus chrysanthus, it is necessary to use two-meter-tall bamboos to bind it to grow, otherwise it will easily be blown down. When Handroanthus chrysanthus grows, the branches should be pruned appropriately every spring, which will be useless. Cut off all the branches so that it can grow better in the soil.

Handroanthus chrysanthus