10 most popular flowers in the world

Written by Maggie

Mar 17 2021

10 most popular flowers in the world

What are the ten most popular flowers in the world? Flowers are herbs with ornamental value and are the general name of plants used for appreciation. Every country and every city has its own national flower and city flower. Flowers have cultural value and medicinal value besides appreciation value.Here are ten of the world's most popular flowers and what they look like.

1. Rose

Roses originated in China, belongs to the order Rosa, Rosaceae deciduous shrubs, branches and rods needled, odd pinnately compound leaves, leaflets 5-9, oval, with thorns. Petals are obovate, double to semi double, purplish red to white, fruIt in summer, oblate globose. Rose contains more than 300 kinds of chemical ingredients, such as aromatic alcohols, aldehydes, fatty acids, phenols and oil and fat containing essence. Often eating rose products can soften the liver and refresh the stomach, relax qi and activate blood circulation, and make people beautiful and refreshing. Rose essential oil extracted from rose petals by distillation can activate male hormones and sperm.  

10 most popular flowers in the world
Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world

2. Tulips

Tulip is a tulip plant of Liliaceae, a world-famous bulbous flower, or an excellent variety of cut flowers. The flowers are strong and straight, the leaf pigment is elegant and beautiful, and the  lotus flowers are dignified and moving, and charming. Tulips are widely believed to be native to Turkey. In Europe and the United States, tulips are regarded as a symbol of victory and beauty. In Holland, Iran, Turkey and many other countries, tulips are the national flowers. Tulip single terminal, large and showy, perianth red or mixed with white and yellow, sometimes white or yellow, 5 -- 7 cm long and 2 -- 4 cm wide.  

10 most popular flowers in the world
Tulips are one of the most popular flowers in the world

3. Lily

Lily, strong scientific name is shu, leek, shandan, fairy, heavy step backwards, in the atrium, moro, &heavy, every flower, lily, the chef garlic, garlic garlic potatoes and night lily, brain, is liliaceous perennial bulbous herbs, lily originating in China, mainly distributed in the east of Asia, Europe, North America, etc. In the northern hemisphere temperate regions, global has been found to have at least 120 varieties, including 55 species native to China. Lily is a perennial herb, plant height 70~150 cm. Bulbs are globose, pale white, apex often open as a rosette, by the majority of fleshy hypertrophic, ovate-spatulate aggregation of scales. There are many new varieties produced by artificial hybridization, such as Asian lily, perfume lily, fire lily and so on.Bulbs rich in starch, edible, also used as medicine.  

10 most popular flowers in the world
Lily is one of the most popular flowers in the world

4. The plum blossom

Plum blossoms in winter and spring, and bears in summer. It is the top of China's top ten famous flowers. Together with orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, it is listed as the four gentlemen, and together with pine and bamboo, it is called the "Three Friends in Cold". In traditional Chinese culture, Plum blossoms's noble, strong and modest character inspires people to make up their minds and work hard. In the cold, the plum blossoms before the flowers, the world alone and spring. Plum native to southern China, has a history of more than 3,000 years of cultivation, whether for ornamental or fruit trees have many varieties. Many types are not only cultivated on the open ground for viewing, but also can be planted as potted flowers and made of plum piles. Flavor can be extracted from flowers, flowers, leaves, roots and seeds can be used as medicine. The fruit can be eaten, salted or a thousand systems, or smoked into Wumei medicine, cough, diarrhea, Shengjin, thirst quenching effect.  

10 most popular flowers in the world
Plum blossoms are one of the most popular flowers in the world

5. The cherry blossom

Cherry blossom is native to the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere around the Himalayas region. It grows all over the world, mainly in Japan. The flowering period is in spring, with the leaves or after the leaves, with seasonal changes. Cherry blossom each branch 3 to 5, into an umbellate inflorescence, petal apex is not carved, color is white, pink, color fragrance gorgeous, often used for garden ornamental. Cherry blossoms can be divided into single petals and double petals. Single petals can bear fruit, while double petals are mostly fruitless. Cherry blossom can be used as medicine for cough, fever and other symptoms, but also has the role of skin tenderness, brightening skin tone, is one of the important raw materials of skin care products.  If you want to know how to grow Cherry blossom, you can refer to the article how to grow and care for Cherry blossom.  

10 most popular flowers in the world

The cherry blossom is one of the most popular flowers in the world

6. Hyacinth

Hyacinth is a perennial herbaceous bulbous plant, originated in the Mediterranean coast of southern Europe and Asia Minor, the Netherlands, and is now cultivated all over the world. Hyacinth is one of the famous bulbous flowers that bloom in early spring and is also an important potted flower species. Hyacinth plants are low and neat. According to their patterns and colors, they can be roughly divided into eight strains: blue, pink, white, goose yellow, purple, yellow, scarlet, and red. Hyacinth is not in flower shape like garlic, after flowering elegant inflorescences, beautiful flowers. Hyacinth has the effect of dust filter, fragrance of flowers can stabilize mood, eliminate fatigue effect. Flowers for ornamental purposes, but also extract aromatic oil. But bulbs are toxic, if ingested by mistake, can cause dizziness, stomach cramps, diarrhea and other symptoms.  

10 most popular flowers in the world
Hyacinth is one of the most popular flowers in the world

7. Lotus

Lotus: flowering period from summer to autumn, a lot of species, can be divided into two categories: ornamental and edible. In May 1985, lotus was named one of China's top ten famous flowers. Lotus "in the straight, not vine not branch, out of the silt and not dyed, Zhuo QingLian and not demon" noble character, has always been one of the subjects of poetry and painting. Originally produced in tropical and temperate areas of Asia, China as early as the Zhou Dynasty has cultivated records. Lotus whole body is treasure, lotus root and lotus seed can be edible, lotus seed, rhizome, lotus node, lotus leaves, flowers and seeds of the germ can be used as medicine. His character is always praised for the world. "The next day endless green lotus leaves, reflecting the other red lotus" is the true portrayal of the beauty of the lotus.  

10 most popular flowers in the world
Lotus is one of the most popular flowers in the world

8. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum: It blooms in autumn and has a wide variety of colors. Chrysanthemum is the third of China's top ten flowers, one of the four gentleman flowers (plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum), and one of the world's four cut flowers (chrysanthemum, Chinese rose, carnation, gladiolus), with the highest yield. Chrysanthemum, well deserved, belongs to the master of autumn. In autumn, there are many kinds of chrysanthemum, such as taxidermy chrysanthemum, table chrysanthemum, cliff chrysanthemum, dahlia chrysanthemum, xiaolia chrysanthemum, and Japanese chrysanthemum, as well as wild chrysanthemum, such as kanyi chrysanthemum, oxy-shinkia chrysanthemum, kanyi chrysanthemum, kanyi chrysanthemum, kanyi chrysanthemum, kanyi chrysanthemum, kanyi chrysanthemum, kanyi chrysanthemum and kanyi chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum ornamental value is high not only, but still can take medicine to cure disease, long take or drink chrysanthemum tea can make a person longevity.  

10 most popular flowers in the world
Chrysanthemum is one of the most popular flowers in the world

9. Lavender

Lavender is also known as perfume plant, spirit vanilla, vanilla, yellow vanilla, Lavender. It is a small shrub of lavender genus in lamiaceae. Lavender is native to the Mediterranean coast, throughout Europe and the archipelago of Oceania, and later widely cultivated in Great Britain and Yugoslavia. Its leaf shape flower color is beautiful and elegant, blue purple inflorescence tall beautiful, is a new garden in the perennials cold resistant flowers, suitable for flower path cluster planting or planting, can also be potted ornamental. Flowering in summer, the whole plant slightly sweet wood light aroma, because of the flowers, leaves and stems of the nap are hidden oil glands, gently touch the oil gland that is broken and release the fragrance.  

10 most popular flowers in the world
Lavender is one of the most popular flowers in the world

10. Peony

Peony: Flowering in spring; Fruiting in summer. Peony variety, color is also many, with yellow, green, flesh red, crimson, silver red for the top grade, especially yellow, green for expensive. Peony flowers are big and sweet, so it is also known as "national fragrance". Beautiful flower color, jade smile bead fragrance, romantic and natural, magnificent, known as the "king of flowers" reputation. In the late Qing Dynasty, peony was regarded as the national flower of China. In May 1985, peony was rated as the second of China's top ten famous flowers. It is a rare and rare woody flower unique to China with thousands of years of natural growth and more than 1500 years of artificial cultivation history. It is widely cultivated in China and has been introduced all over the world.  

10 most popular flowers in the world
Peony is one of the most popular flowers in the world