Rose caring tips

Written by Maggie

Jan 11 2021

Rose caring tips

Rose is a very common flower in our daily life, the most common is red rose, used to express the fervent love between men and women. What's more, roses are very popular with people because of their beautiful patterns and various colors. Many people want to grow roses by themselves. So how to care for roses when we grow it? This article will introduce some rose caring tips for you.


Rose caring tips for flowers withered

The planting technology of rose is not complicated, as long as we usually pay attention to watering, lighting and other factors in the daily maintenance. But some flower friends find the rose has wilted,which is indeed a very urgent thing. Then how to care for the rose wilted? Let's see the rose caring tips for flowers withered.

1. Plant dehydration

Some of our flower friends just bought roses in the flower market, they put the roses in the sun, but this will make the rose transpiration too large. The root absorption of water is not enough for the growth of the whole plant, so there will be insufficient water to lead to the rose wilting.

Solution: If it is a newly bought rose, we should trim off all the leaves of the rose and cut off some of the buds if they are too dense, in order to avoid dehydration due to its transpiration. Then put it in a cool and ventilated place and take it out in the sun after a week. It also solves the question flower lovers often have about how to make roses flourish.

2. The temperature 

If it is in the winter season, the leaves of the rose wilt, it is the reason that the weather is too cold. Once the root of the rose is frostbitten, then its root will die, the leaves and flowers can not absorb all the nutrients, so the wilt will appear.

Solution: Grow roses for a little warm environment, so the roses once frostbite, we will give it to create a warm environment and let it slowly back to the cold. But this time it is important to note that we don't immediately after it frostbite put it under the sun point-blank, that will also make the rose at that time not adapt and the rose leaves yellowing.

3. Sufficient nutrients

Some flower friends will be directly bought from the flower market rose buds for bottles, but did not think that within a few days the rose will fade. This is because the water contains some incense burning nutrients that are not enough for the continued growth of the rose.

Solution: Now that we know that rootless roses in a vase are wilting, a lack of nutrients is the cause. Then we can change some clean water, and add some nutrients that the roses need to grow. Or use strong, cold tea instead of water to delay the flowering of a vase of roses.

4. Fertilization

Fertilizer is an essential factor for the growth of roses. It can be said that proper fertilization can make roses flourish and the fragrance of flowers more intense. So in the usual maintenance of the rose, many people use a large number of fertilizer to the rose, which results in leaf flowers wilting.

Solution: At this time we must first put the rose injured root treatment clean, with potassium permanganate soak disinfection and then re planting. We must pay attention to the method of fertilization, the growth of the rose does not need too much fertilizer. In its growth period, apply a small amount of fertilizer, and in other times, we can completely use rice water instead.


Rose caring tips for growing in winter

The temperature of rose curing in winter should be controlled above 10℃, and it is best to keep the temperature of 20 ~ 30℃ to make it grow healthily. But also to stop fertilization, and reduce watering, and it can be poured once a week at noon with room temperature close to the water; At the same time, it needs to be maintained in full sunshine to maintain sufficient sunlight; Also timely prune branches and leaves. The following are rose caring tips for growing in winter.

1. Temperature control and cold prevention

In the maintenance of roses in winter, we should pay attention to the work of temperature control and cold prevention. Because the roses themselves do not have a good resistance to low temperature, so the temperature should be controlled above 10℃ in the maintenance, so that they can survive the winter safely and avoid freezing damage. Usually it is best to maintain a temperature of 20 ~ 30℃ to make it grow healthily.

2. Water and fertilizer care

The growth rate of roses in winter will slow down, so the demand for water and fertilizer will be reduced accordingly. At this time, we can not use fertilization, so as not to burn the root, and the number of watering also should be reduced. It can be watered once a week, the water temperature should be similar to room temperature, and the noon temperature is high when watering.

3. Increase light

Increasing light is also the key to keep roses well in winter. As a light-loving plant, roses also need enough sunshine in winter to make them grow better. At this time, the roses can be maintained in full sunshine. If the light is insufficient, the roses should be placed under the lamp for illumination.

4. Timely pruning

In fact, in the maintenance of roses in winter, it is necessary to prune the branches of roses before winter. Cut off all the broken branches and diseased old ones to prevent the rose from consuming too much nutrients and making it unsafe to spend the winter. Disinfect the wound after pruning, and then let it overwinter.

caring tips for growing in winter