Outdoor garden and its design

Written by Joy

Sep 29 2020

Outdoor garden and its design
Owning a small outdoor garden is probably the wish of all flower lovers. So, have you ever thought about what kind of flowers and plants do you most want to grow with a small garden? What type of outdoor garden design do you want?

Succulent outdoor garden design

Although you can buy succulents all year round, there is still a suitable and inappropriate season for flower friends to buy succulents. For example, you'd better not buy succulents in the summer. Basically, succulents can survive the summer safely, even if the succulent farming is successful! Therefore, in order to avoid succulents from being killed as soon as they are bought, it is more appropriate to buy in autumn, because the maintenance in autumn and winter is easier than in summer.
Flower friends must remember when raising succulents, light and moisture are essential! Except in the summer when it is exposed to the scorching sun, you need to shade it, and you can enjoy full sun at other times. When watering, you should insist not to overwater! Once the water accumulates, your succulents are on the verge of death!

Rose outdoor garden design

Everyone will not be unfamiliar with the rose plant. It can be said that the rose is a very common plant to decorate the garden. The garden made of the rose is very beautiful, and the rose is simply a wild existence!
The best choice for planting roses is in spring and autumn. Although the rose can bloom throughout the year if it is raised well. The cutting time of the rose is also the spring and autumn season. If the cuttings are properly maintained, they can take root in about a month!

Hydrangea outdoor garden design

Many flower lovers like hydrangea, light blue flowers, which make people feel very comfortable when they are in bloom. Maybe many flower friends have them in their homes! But have you seen the garden full of hydrangea?
When hydrangea blooms, there are always big balls. Hydrangea breeding is also very easy. Generally, high-pressure breeding is carried out in spring from March to April, and roots can be formed from June to July. You can cut and plant them that year.
The biggest feature of hydrangea is that it is very shade-tolerant, even if it can only accept one hour of sunlight, it will bloom as usual. For flower lovers in the north, if the temperature is lower than -10℃, they must protect the old branches, otherwise they will bloom. The old branches of his were damaged by freezing and would not bloom in the next year!

Cactus outdoor garden design

If you feel that planting roses, hydrangea, etc. is not new, why not try a cactus garden. When all kinds of cacti collide together, they have a special charm.
Compared with other gardens, it seems that the cactus garden requires the least effort. For example, cacti do not need to be watered frequently, and there is no need to worry about being sunburned. Moreover, the propagation of cactus is very simple, and it can take root smoothly when it is directly inserted into the garden soil. But what everyone here needs to pay attention to is that you must not water the cuttings, otherwise the cactus will rot directly!
The cactus needs to be watered during the growth period. When the soil is dry, it should be watered thoroughly. However, during the dormant period, you must water less. If you don't know how much water less water is used, then you should not water it!

Tulip outdoor garden design

Speaking of tulips, most flower lovers will think of Holland, the kingdom of tulips. The tulips in everyone's impression are large and large fields of that kind and very spectacular, but such a small cluster of small clusters is not spectacular, but unique.
Tulips are usually planted around November. If you want to grow tulips, you basically have to buy bulbs. You'd better remove the brown skin on the bulbs and plant them in the soil. In fact, the bulbs can be exposed when they are planted.
 outdoor garden design
In order to prevent it from flushing out of the soil or running away when watering, you can fix the bulb a little bit, or just expose a little stem on the outside, and cover it with a few centimeters of soil.
In about half a month, the bulbs will be rooted and fixed. When the tulip sprouts, it is necessary to keep in the sun regularly. Flowers will bloom in March and April in spring.

Geranium outdoor garden design

Geranium is also the focus of garden layout. Geraniums are colorful and rich, and it can be said that they are indispensable in the garden! Geraniums are generally used as decorations in garden design, but gardens that are entirely based on geraniums also look very good.
Geraniums bloom from October to April and May of the next year. Therefore, it is best to reproduce by cuttings in greenhouse pots or boxes from January to February. Basically, it will be cultivated until winter. It can bloom~ The most suitable temperature for geraniums is 10--20 degrees Celsius. At the same time, you should not water too much. Most geraniums are watered to death.

Hanging outdoor garden design

Does the garden need a small yard? Couldn't you have your own garden without the yard?
The warmer temperature in spring is a good time for petunias to sow, and the flowers of petunias that are sown in spring are generally seen in summer. Autumn sowing is of course possible, and how to spend the winter is a difficult problem. If it can survive the winter safely, it will bloom in the next spring. The higher the temperature, the drier the air, the more luxuriant the blossoms, and I like full sun. Except for proper shading at noon in summer, full sun is required at other times!