How to grow Rose

Written by Maggie

Nov 18 2020

How to grow Rose

In the process of cultivating Rose, first select the mixed soil of garden soil, pond mud, humus soil and coal cinder as the nutrient soil. Give plenty of sunlight during the peak growth season, and shade in summer. You must control whether watering is dry or not. The principle of watering and watering is carried out. In summer, liquid fertilizer is applied every two weeks. Fertilization in late autumn is mainly based on decomposed farmyard manure.

Rose picture


The cultivation method of Rose potted plants

1. Acidic soil

The root system of Rose is sensitive to the substrate environment and is more suitable for growing in acidic sandy soil rich in humus. When potting, you can choose 3 parts of garden soil, 3 parts of pond mud, 2 parts of humus soil and 2 parts of humus soil. Part of the coal slag is mixed and prepared, and some bone meal is placed on the bottom of the pot as a base fertilizer to ensure the healthy growth of the root system.

2. Lighting treatment

Rose grows faster in a warm environment and has strong cold resistance. It can be cultivated outdoors even in cold winter, but avoid cold winds and place it in a sunny location during the growth period. At this time, the high temperature season in summer is in the semi-dormant period. At this time, the plants should be moved to soft light for maintenance.

3. Water management

Moisture management is the cultivation method and precautions of Rose potted plants. During the growth period, the watering should be controlled not to dry or not, and the principle of watering should be carried out. Water should be sufficient in spring. When the air humidity is high, water can be reduced. Watering once a day in summer, and watering should be carried out in the afternoon, control watering after entering autumn.

4. Fertilize regularly

Rose likes fertilizer. It grows vigorously in fertile soil and can also promote flowering. Fertilizers should be applied frequently in summer, and liquid fertilizer should be applied every two weeks. Fertilization should be combined with deep plowing at the end of autumn. The main fertilizer is mainly decomposed agricultural machinery fertilizer, after blooming, a solution of diammonium phosphate can be top dressed appropriately.


Precautions for breeding rose

1. Reasonable moisture

Rose has high requirements for water quality during its growth period. If it is irrigated directly with tap water, it is easy to change the fertility of the soil and make the soil alkaline. It is best to expose the tap water outdoors for a few days to promote the root system. In addition, watering should be thoroughly watered to prevent water accumulation in the basin.

2. Pest prevention

Rose is vulnerable to red spiders, black spots, branch blight and other hazards during the growth period. It can be disinfected during greenhouse cultivation. At high temperatures, please pay attention to ventilation. Once the disease occurs, use Bordeaux mixture or chlorophyll Spray the clear solution for prevention.