How to grow Sedum Hispanicum in winter

Written by Maggie

Nov 03 2021

How to grow Sedum Hispanicum in winter

The cold resistance of Sedum Hispanicum is not strong. Generally, it needs to be exposed to sunlight in winter and the amount of watering must be controlled.Wait until the soil turns white before watering. We don’t need to fertilize it when in winter, and we can apply organic fertilizer when entering winter.This helps Sedum Hispanicum spend the winter.If the temperature is lower than 5℃, then it needs to be moved to the indoor temperature to control warm preservation.

Sedum Hispanicum

1. Get plenty of light for Sedum Hispanicum

The sedum hispanicum usually doesn't need much light, but when it comes to cold winter months, it needs to be fully exposed to sunlight, and the plants need to rotate constantly to get full light.Avoid frostbite in winter. It will also help plants grow in the sun. (Find more winter plants here.)

2. Control the amount of water for Sedum Hispanicum

Sedum Hispanicum likes to grow in moist soil.It needs to be watered frequently, but the cold weather in winter will gradually enter the dormant period.At this time we need to control the amount of watering. Wait for the basin soil white, equal amount of water to the soil , so as to make its better growth.

Sedum Hispanicum

3. Fertilize in winter for Sedum Hispanicum

How does the Sedum Hispanicum winter?It needs to be fertilized continuously, but it does not need to be fertilized when the temperature is below 15℃ in winter.In winter we can apply organic fertilizer, do not sprinkle fertilizer on the plant, otherwise it will affect plant growth.If fertilized in winter, it can survive the winter safely.

4. Control temperature and keep warm for Sedum Hispanicum

The Sedum Hispanicum will be more susceptible to frostbite and may even freeze to death if they're placed under 5 degrees Celsius.At this time must we control the temperature above 5℃, also should not control the temperature too high.It can be moved indoors for maintenance, so that Sedum Hispanicum can avoid frostbite.

Sedum Hispanicum

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