Plectranthus Scutellarioides care in winter

Written by Maggie

Nov 03 2021

Plectranthus Scutellarioides care in winter

How to care for Plectranthus Scutellarioides in winter? Plectranthus Scutellarioides must be kept in full sunlight during winter farming. Never keep it in the shade. And control the amount of water, keep the soil slightly wet. You don't need to fertilize it. The temperature should be controlled above 5℃. It can also be trimmed at the start of winter to allow Plectranthus Scutellarioides to survive the cold winter months.

Plectranthus Scutellarioides

1. Light Care for Plectranthus Scutellarioides in Winter

Plectranthus Scutellarioides likes to grow in full sunlight, and it has a certain cold tolerance. However, when we care for Plectranthus Scutellarioides in winter, the environment needs to be kept ventilated during the day and placed in the sun as far as possible for full sun exposure. And keep turning the pot to keep plectranthus scutellarioides going through the winter.

2. Water and Fertilizer Care for Plectranthus Scutellarioides in Winter

Plectranthus Scutellarioides need to grow in moist soil. Usually when we care for Plectranthus Scutellarioides, it needs timely watering. But in the process of winter breeding, do not blindly water. Just keep the soil moisture.There is no need to fertilize it, otherwise Plectranthus Scutellarioides will easily grow.

Plectranthus Scutellarioides

3. Temperature Care for Plectranthus Scutellarioides in winter

When it comes to care for Plectranthus Scutellarioides, not only do you need plenty of sunlight, you also need to keep them warm. It must not be cooled below 5℃, or it will easily suffer frostbite. It needs to be moved indoors for maintenance, and its temperature should be controlled above 5℃, so that it can grow better.

4. Trim for Plectranthus Scutellarioides in winter

In general, Plectranthus Scutellarioides grow fast. We need to carry on pruning treatment to it at ordinary times. In fact, pruning at the beginning of the winter, by cutting off the thick parts of the plant, allows it to better absorb nutrients from the soil, helps it avoid frostbite in the sun, and helps Plectranthus Scutellarioides winter. (Find more winter plants here.)

Plectranthus Scutellarioides

Plectranthus scutellarioides indoors care

Primarily due to the fact it is normally classed as an outside bedding plant and has an historical long-established stigma that has been hard to shrug off. Searching in backyard centre's in the bedding plant sections may additionally yield higher consequences.
Grown Plectranthus scutellarioides indoors you do want to spend a little time retaining a Coleus and this is truly the solely terrible factor for these plants. Because it grows pretty quickly the plant receives leggy and sparse searching rapidly so you want to pinch out increase suggestions each and every now and once more to inspire it to remain compact and bushy.
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