Best 15 Winter Flowers for Winter Garden

Written by Ivy

Nov 03 2021

Best 15 Winter Flowers for Winter Garden
It is snowy in winter, but it can't stop the charm of flowers. This guide introduces 15 kinds of plants that bloom in winter. It's getting colder and the temperature continues to drop. It's not easy to enjoy flowers in winter. After all, although many flowers are beautiful, they often can't stand the test of frost and ice. Today, I'd like to recommend the best 15 winter flowers for winter garden, which can produce beautiful flowers. Propagate them quickly to make this winter full of flower fragrance.

1. Pansies

Best 15 Winter Flowers for Winter Garden
If you want pansies to blossom and grow normally, we should properly supplement water and fertilizer to keep the basin soil moist. We can also properly add some thin liquid fertilizer when watering. The vegetable Wei nutrient solution contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements necessary for plants. Spraying and watering the basin soil during watering can ensure
The normal growth of this winter flower can also promote its multi flowering and prolong the flowering period.

2. Daphne Flower

Best 15 Winter Flowers for Winter Garden
In winter, we can keep Daphne flower indoors at more than 5 degrees and in sufficient sunshine, because the sunshine in winter is relatively warm, which is conducive to the growth of daphne flower and flower buds, which is conducive to this winter flower bloom earlier. If the temperature is too low, this winter flower is prone to frostbite.

3. Mahonia

Best 15 Winter Flowers for Winter Garden
Mahonia is an evergreen shrub suitable for planting in the yard. It looks a bit like holly, but Mahonia has some sharp spines on its leaves. The most impressive thing is its yellow flowers. This winter flower can also breed purple berries after the flowering period. This winter flower is a plant that does not need regular care, Just keep good drainage.

4. Winter Honeysuckle

Best 15 Winter Flowers for Winter Garden
Winter honeysuckle has three petals. Winter honeysuckle perennial semi evergreen twining shrub is a common traditional Chinese medicine with a long history. Honeysuckle usually blooms from April to June, and sometimes in autumn. The total pedicel of this winter flower is usually solitary in the upper leaf axil of branchlets, the bracts are leafy, the shape of eggs is oval, and the color of corolla is white or yellow.

5. Crocus

Best 15 Winter Flowers for Winter Garden
Crocus is suitable for planting in autumn and winter, and can withstand the low temperature of minus 18 °. If it is lower than this temperature, it can be potted or planted in February to March, and bloom 2 to 3 months after planting. Crocus can keep blooming almost all winter, so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful scenery on snowy days. This winter flower has a strong tolerance for strong light. It can be said that it is not afraid of strong light at all.

6. Christmas Rose

Best 15 Winter Flowers for Winter Garden
There are many varieties of Christmas Rose designs and colors, including single and double petals. They can withstand the low temperature of minus 20 to 30 degrees. Even if the snow is covered, this winter flower can still produce beautiful flowers, and the leaves will not be frostbitten and frozen to death. If you can't buy plants that are not afraid of low temperature, you can choose iron chopsticks, The colder Christmas Rose is, the more beautiful it opens. It blooms as usual under the heavy snow in winter.

7. Snowdrop

Best 15 Winter Flowers for Winter Garden
When most flowers and plants are avoiding the cold of autumn and winter, snowdrop is eager to bloom. In the winter of its first flowering, it is still shy. Snowprop prefers to hide in the rock garden and high shrubs. This winter flower is very suitable for planting in autumn and flowering in winter.

8. Raununculus

Best 15 Winter Flowers for Winter Garden
Raunculus is a very beautiful herbaceous potted plant. It can make fresh cut flowers. The colors are rich and beautiful, and the price is very cheap. Basically, you can buy one pot at 10-20 in the market season, which can last a whole winter. The flowering period of raunculus can last about 30 ~ 40 days. When flowering, we can put this winter flower in a ventilated environment and control the temperature above 15 ℃, and water it every 3 ~ 5 days.

9. Wintersweet

Best 15 Winter Flowers for Winter Garden
Wintersweet usually blooms in the middle of November until the end of the next March, and the flowering period is very long. Wintersweet has strong adaptability and likes sunny environment; It grows vigorously in the sandy soil with deep, loose, fertile and good drainage, and is afraid of ponding. The suitable temperature for the growth of this winter flower is 10 ~ 15 degrees. It has strong drought and cold resistance. It can tolerate low temperature weather of - 15 degrees in winter. However, it is best to control the temperature above minus 10 degrees during flowering to prevent this winter flower from being damaged.

10. Japanese Camellias

Best 15 Winter Flowers for Winter Garden
In this low-temperature winter, Japanese camellias is most suitable for raising. Japanese camellias is resistant to low temperature, five degrees below zero, and is covered with heavy snow. It can still grow and blossom, which is very suitable for growing in winter. This winter flower is easy to grow, because woody plants are better than herbs.

11. Algerian Iris

Best 15 Winter Flowers for Winter Garden
Algerian iris will bloom in winter, and its flowering period is long, and each flower will wither in only one day. The flowers of this winter flower are unique. There are six petals in total, three white, three blue and three purple. Three white petals turn outward, while the blue and purple petals roll inward at the same time. The flowers are very beautiful when they bloom. It is a flower plant with high ornamental value.

12. Adonis Amurensis

Best 15 Winter Flowers for Winter Garden
The opening time of Adonis amurensis is the extremely cold season when the ice and snow have not melted in late winter and early spring. Golden flowers emerge from the top of the ice. How valuable it is for Adonis amurensis to bloom alone when there are no other plants sprouting in the north. Therefore, it has good ornamental value in the north. This winter flower can be used as the configuration material for flower beds, flower paths, grass edges or rockery rock gardens, and can also be potted for viewing.

13. Winter Clematis

Best 15 Winter Flowers for Winter Garden
If we enjoy flowers in winter, we can raise some winter Clematis on the balcony to let it grow freely. The color of blooming petals is gorgeous. It is its habit to like climbing rattan. As long as we give it space, this winter flower can make the whole house full of green, which is also the reason why many people like it.

14. English Primrose

Best 15 Winter Flowers for Winter Garden
English primrose can also blossom in winter. A very important feature of English primrose is that it has many kinds and looks very bright. In winter, this winter flower will grow new flower stems from the leaves, one after another gorgeous flowers will bloom, and the petals will unfold layer by layer, which is gratifying.

15. Scilla

Best 15 Winter Flowers for Winter Garden
Scilla also blooms in winter. Its plants have certain cold resistance and can grow normally in winter. However, if we want Scilla to bloom, we must control the temperature at about five degrees. Too low temperature will affect the flower bud differentiation of the plant. At the same time, when maintaining this winter flower in winter, we also need to supplement appropriate light, water and fertilizer for the plants.
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