How to grow Sedum dasyphyllum in winter

Written by Maggie

Oct 13 2021

How to grow Sedum dasyphyllum in winter

Sedum Dasyphyllum needs a warm environment in winter, which can keep the temperature between 13℃ and 18℃ to avoid frost staph plants. At the same time every half a month time watering. They can be placed daily in a light environment to absorb enough light to resist the cold. At the same time, regularly open the window, maintaining a good ventilation environment.

Sedum Dasyphyllum

1.  Suitable temperature for Sedum Dasyphyllum

Many flower lovers do not know how to raise sedum dasyphyllum in winter. Sedum dasyphyllum has low cold tolerance, so it needs to maintain temperatures between 13℃ and 18℃ in winter. If the temperature is below 5℃, plants are prone to frostbite. So to avoid damage to the plants, it is necessary to move them into a constant temperature indoor environment.

2. Raise the humidity for Sedum Dasyphyllum

It is windy and dry in winter. Sedum Dasyphyllum has a high drought tolerance, but it is also not suitable for dry soil during winter breeding. It can be watered every half a month, and can not appear the phenomenon of waterlogging, otherwise it is easy to rot roots. It is also necessary to extend the watering time at low temperatures.

Sedum Dasyphyllum

3. Get plenty of light for Sedum Dasyphyllum

Sedum Dasyphyllum also needs to absorb enough light in winter. It can be placed in the position near the window daily, and absorb about 8 hours of astigmatism irradiation, which can also help the plant resist cold and promote the growth of the plant.

4. Good ventilation for Sedum Dasyphyllum

Sedum Dasyphyllum is raised in an indoor environment and tends to be closed and not ventilated, which increases the risk of disease. Ventilation management should be carried out frequently once a day. But Sedum Dasyphyllum should be placed away from the tuyere during ventilation.

Sedum Dasyphyllum

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