How to grow Cactus in winter

Written by Maggie

Nov 03 2021

How to grow Cactus in winter

Cactus can stop watering and fertilize in winter, be in the hibernation period of cactus right now, we can spray clear water on cactus every other week time, keep the dry of basin soil.Cactus cold resistance is very low, so in winter we need to raise the temperature to 15℃ or so, and put it in the astigmatic ventilation position for curing.


1. Cactus Spray curing

Many friends don't know how to keep the cactus in the winter. The cactus should not be too much water during the winter breeding. The cactus has strong drought resistance ability, and can grow even in the desert. So we can stop watering during the winter. In a dry environment, every week to spray water on a cactus.

2. Cactus high temperature curing

Cactus cold resistance is very low. If the temperature is lower than 5℃ when the plant is prone to frost damage, we need to raise the temperature properly, keep between 15℃ ~ 30℃ can. In addition, it can not grow in the dark environment for a long time, so it is best to move it to a soft light place to accept about 5 hours of light. (Find more winter plants here.)


3. Stop fertilizing Cactus in winter

When cactus is cultivated in winter, the plant will enter the state of dormancy. At this time, it is necessary to stop fertilizing, otherwise the excessive nutrients will not be absorbed by the root. If placed in the pot for a long time, the phenomenon of fertilizer damage will appear, which will have a great impact on the root.

4. Ventilation maintenance for Cactus

Ventilation environment is very important when indoor maintenance is in winter. The window needs to open when undertakes ventilated processing. Improving the quality of air is able to reduce the occurrence of disease. If the cactus appears wilting, we’d better check whether there is a rotting phenomenon at the root, we can soak the multi-bacteria spirit  after pruning the solution.


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