10 best flower grows in winter indoors

Written by Maggie

Oct 22 2021

10 best flower grows in winter indoors

Winter climate is cold and biting, but it is a beautiful period of some flowers blooming. We can grow Spider plants, Bush lily, Lucky bamboo, ivy, plum, daffodil, Poinsettia, camellia, Daphne odora, azalea. All of these have a variety of design and color and have a very high ornamental. The following are 10 flowers grows in winter indoors.

10 flowers grows in winter indoors

1. Grow spider plants in winter indoors

The plant can overwinter in the greenhouse in winter. It has the effect of purifying the air and accelerating the air circulation, but also can convert some harmful substances. Keeping in the home can not only beautify the space but also purify the environment, so spider plants are the most suitable for growing indoors in winter

2. Grow bush lily in winter indoors

Winter temperature is very low, but suitable for the growth of some flowers. bush lily is generally in the spring and blooming winter two seasons. In winter it should be moved to the greenhouse, because its tall and straight posture are popular with many people, and because it has a filter effect on air, which is preferred by a lot of people who love flowers.

3. Grow lucky bamboo in winter indoors

Lucky bamboo can grow throughout the year, winter timely entry can winter. Lucky bamboo rich and prosperous, bamboo newspaper peace, is favored by a lot of families. In winter kept at home can not only beautify the environment and the implication of prosperity.

4. Grow ivy in winter indoors

Ivy evergreen four seasons, cold resistance is not high, and are mostly planted in the warm south. Winter greenhouse planting, often as ornamental plants decorative home. It can be hung on the walls of the house, very unique and innovative, by a lot of people.

5. Grow plum in winter indoors

Plum is one of the famous flowers in China. Its adaptability is very strong, more suitable for growing in winter, and it has a strong cold resistance, generally in winter and spring season bloom. Its fruit period is in summer, colorful and diverse, has a high ornamental value, and is one of the flowers often planted in winter.

10 flowers grows in winter indoors

6. Grow daffodils in winter indoors

Daffodils can be kept in water namely the flower, very beautiful, often be put in the home as adornment. Its beautiful appearance is calmly elegant, very plain and clean, and has pure and fresh flowers, making a person's mood cheerful. It is a kind of common flower growing in winter homes.

7. Grow poinsettia in winter indoors

Poinsettia is the most common flower in winter. From ancient times a variety of poets, artists under the pen of common things, has always been loved by everyone. In addition to the appearance of beautiful, dried poinsettia tea and stomach effect, it is good for your health.

8. Grow camellia in winter indoors

Camellia flowers are very big, also relatively cold, fragrance is not particularly strong, but also appears clean, simple but elegant. Its flowering period is longer, from autumn to the next spring. In winter it is also a better choice to grow indoors, both can be ornamental and edible.

9. Grow daphne odora in winter indoors

Daphne odora is a common flower in winter, more like a cool growth environment. In winter it can be put on the balcony side of the sun scattering, because astigmatism can make daphne odora more concentrated. In winter, reduced watering can generally survive.

10. Grow azaleas in winter indoors

Although Azaleas can survive the winter, it is necessary to strictly control the temperature. The indoor temperature should not be lower than 5℃. The petals of Azaleas are delicate and elegant, and the flower branches are not big.

10 flowers grows in winter indoors

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