How to grow Mammillaria elongata in winter

Written by Maggie

Sep 13 2021

How to grow Mammillaria elongata in winter

In winter rearing, Mammillaria Elongata may be treated in advance when temperatures are low, or mulch might be worn to protect against cold winds. Put the plant in a sunny place and rotate the pot every day. Also watering once a week, not too much, not to cause water in the basin. Keep the basin soil slightly dry best.

Mammillaria Elongata

1. Cold Treatment of Mammillaria Elongata

Cold treatment is the fundamental condition of Mammillaria Longata's breeding in winter. Mammillaria Elongata is poorly hardy and may be kept indoors for maintenance in winter. The temperature of overwintering must not be lower than 10℃, otherwise branches and leaves will appear hair withered phenomenon. When the temperature is very low, cover the top with a layer of plastic film, and avoid cold wind blow.

2. Get plenty of light for Mammillaria Elongata

Mammillaria Elongata is a common light-loving plant that grows well in ample light conditions. Even in the cold winter it should be given full sun treatment, and do not need to shade. We can put the plant on the balcony that faces the sun indoors or window edge, let the plant accept illumination more. Turn the pot regularly throughout the day to make it shine evenly.

Mammillaria Elongata

3. Reduce moisture for Mammillaria Elongata

Mammillaria Elongata's stems, leaves and roots are rich in water and plant metabolism slows down in winter.At this point the need for water is less and less, and it can be watered once a week. Each time watering to a one-time pouring, not to cause basin soil water.It is best to water it around noon so that it does not interfere with the normal growth of the roots.

4. Reduce fertilizer for Mammillaria Elongata

Mammillaria Elongata grows slowly in winter, when little fertilizer is needed and fertilizing might be tailored to plant growth.During the winter it can be properly applied 1 to 2 times of the rotten cake fertilizer, and fertilization should be combined with deep treatment, or in the basin soil buried in a few compound fertilizer particles.

Mammillaria Elongata

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