How to Grow and Care for Foxtail Fern (Asparagus Aethiopicus)

Written by Ivy

Dec 15 2022

How to Grow and Care for Foxtail Fern (Asparagus Aethiopicus)
How to Grow and Care for Foxtail Fern?  Foxtail fern is a light loving plant. It will grow better in the environment of sufficient light. We can put foxtail fern on the balcony or the windowsill in the south to avoid the strong light in summer and sunburn. The temperature is preferably between 15-25 degrees. The temperature should be controlled when it is high and low in summer and winter. Too high or too low temperature will hinder growth. Usually don't water too often. Just water when it's dry. In addition, we have to fertilize Foxtail Fern frequently, especially in the growing season, when the nutrients are sufficient, the growth will be more vigorous.

Foxtail Fern Quick Info

Botanical/Scientific Name Asparagus Aethiopicus
Common Name Foxtail Fern, Plume Asparagus
Uses Sculptural foundation, and border or courtyard plant
Origin Southern Africa
Light Care Full Sun to Partial Shade
Soil Care Moist soil not soggy
Temperature Care 65-70° F
Humidity Care 40-50% relative humidity
Watering Water thoroughly
Pruning Care It rarely needs pruning
Fertilizer Care Balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer
Propagation Division
Toxic Poisonous for pets and humans
Flower Color White
How to Grow and Care for Foxtail Fern (Asparagus Aethiopicus)

Foxtail Fern Care in Detail

Foxtail Fern Watering

Foxtail fern is a wet plant, so it should be maintained in a humid environment. When watering foxtail fern, we must pay attention to wait until it is dry, otherwise the accumulated water will easily lead to root rot. Once the root of foxtail fern decays, the whole plant will be seriously affected. Usually, if we don't know whether to water or not, we can pick up the flowerpot and see the weight.

Foxtail Fern Soil

The soil of foxtail fern should be fertile and loose, which can make the growth of foxtail fern better. Foxtail fern has developed roots and can absorb more water and fertilizer. It can help to expand roots and promote plant growth in suitable soil.

Foxtail Fern Light

Foxtail fern likes the environment with sufficient light, especially in the peak growth season. Plants can grow more vigorously only with sufficient light. We can put foxtail fern in a sunny place. In this environment, branches and leaves will better absorb, accumulate nutrients and promote growth. When the light is strong in summer, we should shade foxtail fern in time and do not expose it to the sun.

Foxtail Fern Temperature

Foxtail fern likes a relatively warm environment. It is best to maintain the temperature between 15 ° C and 25 ° C. in terms of temperature, plants will grow more vigorously in spring and autumn. The temperature is too high in summer, so we should be more ventilated and put it in a cool place to avoid high temperature burns to foxtail fern leaves. The temperature in winter is too low, so thermal measures should be taken to avoid freezing injury.

Foxtail Fern Humidity

Foxtail fern is a kind of succulent plant, which does not require high humidity and can not stand water humidity. We should grasp the dosage when watering. However, it still needs a certain humidity during its normal growth. In order for foxtail fern to grow healthily, the application of water cannot be lacked. It can be watered reasonably according to the growth to avoid rotten roots caused by too wet soil.

Foxtail Fern Fertilizer

Foxtail fern has low requirements for fertilizer, and the fertilizer they need is mainly nitrogen and potassium fertilizer. Moreover, the concentration of fertilizer should not be too high every time. Even during the plant growth period, we only need to apply fertilizer to foxtail fern once every 30 days. Compound fertilizer can be used during fertilization, which will contribute to the growth of foxtail fern.

Foxtail Fern Pruning

When the air is relatively dry, the leaves of foxtail fern are easy to turn yellow. The yellowing of plant leaves may also be affected by insufficient light. At this time, the yellowing branches can be cut off, which will not affect the overall growth of the plant. Pruning foxtail fern will make the plant look very beautiful! It can also be seen that trimming is very important. Whether foxtail fern looks beautiful depends on trimming, so we must be careful when trimming foxtail fern.

How to Grow and Care for Foxtail Fern (Asparagus Aethiopicus)

Foxtail Fern Repotting

The growth rate of foxtail fern is very fast so it's best to be planted outdoors. You can also buy some small Low-maintenance Foxtail Fern seedlings directly. Basically, foxtail fern repotting is required once a year. Each time, you need to change a larger flowerpot. Of course, if you buy foxtail asparagus seedlings, don't put them in too large flowerpots at once.
Just bought the Foxtail Fern seedlings home, we can first grow in a small flower pot, first in the shade ventilated place to ease for a week, first watering him once, spray water around, to maintain more than 55% of the air humidity, after one or two weeks, Foxtail Fern can slowly see light, gradually adapt to the new environment, so that the risk of yellow leaves can be reduced to the greatest extent.

Foxtail Fern Propagation

Foxtail Fern Propagation from Cutting

A few days before the basin removal of foxtail fern propagation, stop watering to keep the soil dry, and then take the foxtail fern propagation plants out of the soil without damaging the roots. Prepare a sharp knife and divide the fleshy roots into new plants with 5-10 buds per cluster. After the foxtail fern propagation from cutting is divided, we can apply a small amount of sulfur powder to the incision and pay attention to disinfection and sterilization. Prepare loose and breathable soil, put the soil into the flower pot, and plant foxtail fern propagation into the soil. We can keep the soil moist, keep the seedlings in a cool place and promote the recovery of normal growth.

Foxtail Fern Propagation from Division

Foxtail fern propagation from division is suitable for changing pots from March to April in spring. Stop watering before removing the pots, take the plants out of the pots, cut the fleshy roots with a knife, divide them into new plants with 5-10 buds in each cluster, and plant the new plants into the soil.

Foxtail Fern Propagation from Seed

As for foxtail fern propagation from seed, we can collect seeds after the seeds are mature. The seeds can be collected and sown at the same time. After sowing, cultivate seedlings to grow. When the seedlings grow stably, they will be planted. Water will be poured 3-5 days after planting.
Foxtail fern seeds are still very cheap, and the germination rate of sowing is still very high. As long as the temperature can be maintained between 22 ~ 25 degrees, you can start sowing and cultivation. The best foxtail fern propagation from seed is in spring and autumn.
The foxtail fern seeds bought back can be soaked in clean water for about 8 hours. During this period, pay attention to changing the water once or twice. The seeds can be laid on the wet paper towel after soaking the water. We can spray adorable water on the paper towel regularly. There should be no water on the paper towel. We should cover the lid and place it in a warm ventilated place. After the seeds of Foxtail Fern germinate the white roots, they can be scattered in the loose drained soil for seeding and propagation.
When we sow foxtail fern, we need to use a special seedling basin. The soil is peat soil mixed with perlite and vermiculite in the ratio of 1:1:1. After the soil is watered and wetted, we can poke holes on the soil surface, sprinkle foxtail fern seeds and properly cover the thin soil.

How to Grow and Care for Foxtail Fern (Asparagus Aethiopicus)

Foxtail Fern Benefits

Foxtail fern's tubers are often used as medicine, which has the effects of moistening dryness, clearing fire and relieving cough. Foxtail fern has very high medicinal value. It can treat cough and hematemesis, and has a good therapeutic effect on various lung diseases such as lung wilt and lung carbuncle. It can also treat constipation and urination. And the swelling and pain of throat can also be treated with foxtail fern.
Foxtail fern has good antioxidant effect and can delay aging. Foxtail Fern can extract the essence, which removes the oxidation of free radicals. Foxtail fern's tubers are rich in nutritional value and contain a variety of nutrients. The whole plant of foxtail fern is also rich in a variety of nutrients, including a variety of amino acids, vitamins and sugars.