When will the Duranta Repens L flowers bloom

Written by Maggie

Dec 11 2020

When will the Duranta Repens L flowers bloom

Duranta Repens L has very high ornamental value at flowering time, usually in the spring in May will blossom. The flowering time is very long.iI the temperature is appropriate, flowering continuously throughout the year. It's best to control the temperature in 15 ~ 28 ℃ or so during the growth, given plenty of sunshine every day, and the reasonable cutting processing, so that to make plants bloom the most beautiful.

Duranta Repens L

I. Duranta Repens L blooms in the spring

Duranta Repens L is a beautiful plant type, whose growth is strong. It hasvery high ornamentalat value at the time of blossom .Duranta Repens L  is very beautiful when blooming, generally in early spring.Probably in late may, it will come into the full bloom. The flowering time is very long.  if cultivated in the greenhouse , it will bloom all year round.

Curing methods that promotes Duranta Repens L to bloom

1. Plenty of light

Illumination and temperature are important factors affecting flowering of Duranta Repens L. It is better to give sufficient illumination every day before flowering, and it is not recommended to put plants in shade frequently. The plant has poor cold tolerance, and the temperature should be controlled above 10℃ in winter, and the temperature should be above 30℃ in midsummer.

Duranta Repens L

2. Plenty of nutrients

Duranta Repens L should give sufficient nutrients during growth, especially during flowering. It is best to apply liquid fertilizer once every 2 to 3 weeks. No nitrogen fertilizer should be applied at this time, and compound fertilizer or cake fertilizer can be applied once or twice when growing well. After fertilization, appropriate amount of water should be poured into the soil to facilitate the differentiation of flower buds.

3, Appropriate pruning

Duranta Repens L should be pruned properly during the peak growth season, so as to obtain sufficient nutrients during flowering. Unwanted branches, pests and diseases should be cut off from the plants. Meanwhile, branches that affect flowering should be thinly pruned, which can reduce nutrient consumption.

Duranta Repens L