The breeding methods and precautions of Duranta repens L

Written by Maggie

Jan 19 2021

The breeding methods and precautions of Duranta repens L

In the process of breeding Duranta repens L, we can choose a mixture of dirt and sand soil, then add the right amount of calcium superphosphate solution to soil acidification, and control the temperature during the growth at around 22 ℃ ~ 30 ℃,  and cannot be lower than the temperature of 5 ℃ in winter. All year round it can be put in a sunny environment. Even in summer, it also should be fully given light.

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Duranta Repens L

Duranta Repens L farming method

1. Requirements for soil quality

Soil quality requirement is duranta repens l farming methods and the basic requirement of the matters needing attention. duranta repens l. likes to grow in the soil of good drainage and very breathable growth is more appropriate. When it is a potted basin to join the rich nutrition of dirt, dirt and sand can be used as a mixture of soil. Add the right amount of calcium superphosphate solution to soil acidification, to promote the growth and development of the root system.

2. Environmental management

During the growth period, the temperature should be controlled between 22℃ and 30℃. Due to the general cold resistance of Duranta Repens L, its safe winter temperature should not be lower than 5℃. It can be placed in a sunny environment all year round, and even in summer, it should be fully exposed to light.

3. Water management

In the growth stage of Duranta Repens L, abundant water should be ensured in summer, and the basin and soil should be kept moist but not water accumulated to meet the needs of growth. In ordinary times, water should be carried out alternately in a dry and wet way, thoroughly watered each time. Water should be checked for water in plum rain season, and the basin and soil should be kept dry in winter.

4. Apply fertilizer rationally

Fertilizer is the key to the growth of Duranta Repens L as well as the main factor for flowering. It is best to continuously replenish nutrients before flowering, apply nitrogen every half a month in the spring, phosphorus and potash fertilizer every two weeks in the spring and autumn, and appropriately add a thin compound solution after autumn to promote flowering.

Duranta Repens L

Precautions for growing Duranta Repens L

1. pruning

Duranta Repens L should be pruned once in spring. At this time, thin branches should be cut off in time, cross branches, parallel branches and rotten branches that affect the appearance should also be cut off. Other branches should be cut short as well. If the growth of the branches is not neat during the growth period, it can be used to pick the heart and top treatment to control their growth.

2. prevent pollution

Duranta Repens L often occurs mainly because of the damage caused by drillworm, mainly affecting the stem part of xylem. In severe cases, it is difficult for the plant to blossom and bear fruit. It is best to remove the surrounding weeds in winter and spray the oxymethyl solution for control.

Duranta Repens L