Duranta Repens L disease control

Written by Maggie

Mar 16 2021

Duranta Repens L disease control

During breeding Duranta Repens L , if it appears waterlogging phenomenon, it can cause plant root rot. We need to apply clip root carbendazim solution after used for disinfection sterilization. If Duranta Repens L placed under strong light for a long time, the plant is easy to suffer from burns disease. Maintenance should be carried out in a cool, daily maintain good ventilation and clean environment, which can also prevent aphids and stem borers and other insect pests. This article will introduce the common Duranta plant diseases and how to deal with them.

Duranta Repens L

1. Duranta Repens L Root rot

Root rot is Duranta Repens L one of the common diseases and insect pests. If the soil harden and watering too much, it will cause the duranta repens l appear root rot. Every time check whether the root rot in the basin, once found the decay part must be cut off. Use a carbendazim solution soak for half an hour's time, and change the soil for its growth.

2. Duranta Repens L Sunburn

In summer, Duranta Repens L is prone to occurrence of daily burn disease, which is very serious to the growth of plants. It is necessary to reduce the exposure time of strong light, avoid exposure to direct sunlight or direct sunlight, and place duranta repens L in a cool environment for shading treatment, which can reduce the occurrence of daily burn disease.

Duranta Repens L

3. Duranta Repens L occurs aphids

Aphids are one of the most common insect pests. If there are branches in the breeding process, timely pruning is needed to reduce the occurrence of aphids and insect pests. If there are a large number of aphids, the plant leaves can be sprayed with 1000 times oxydimethoate solution at this time, which can effectively carry out the disease.

4. Duranta Repens L occurs stem borers

Atem borers' damage to Duranta Repens L is relatively large. Atem borers will enter the Duranta Repens L stem, thereby affect the plants blossom and bear fruit, and the disease can also lead to serious plants die.To prevent this bug WE need to clean up the fallen leaves in winter. use potassium permanganate solution irrigation soil disinfection, and we also can use dimethoate ec diluted 500 times spray treatment.

Duranta Repens L