How to grow Duranta Repens L

Written by Maggie

Dec 11 2020

How to grow Duranta Repens L

Breeding Duranta Repens L should choose good soil fertile osteoporosis, drainage, and at the same time to ensure that the air circulation. We'd better hold the temperature at 22 ℃ or so.At ordinary times we should place it in sunlight for the location of the maintenance. Water according to the principle of "seeing dry and wet". In spring, appropriately  clipthe Duranta Repens L , which is conducive to the growth of it.

Duranta Repens L

1, Soil for Duranta Repens L

Duranta Repens L has a high ornamental value, but many people do not know how to raise duranta repens L. In fact, its breeding method is very simple. First, it should choose fertile and loose soil with good drainage, which can be mixed with Garden soil, leaf rot soil, coconut bran and river sand in proportion.

2, Environment FOR Duranta Repens L

At the same time, the air circulation should be ensured in the breeding environment. It is better to keep the temperature at 22℃ or so, which is favorable for its growth. When the ambient temperature is lower than 5℃, it is easy to make its plants  frostbite.Duranta Repens L loves light, and shall be placed in a position exposed to astigmatism during curing, with no less than 8 hours of sunshine per day.

Duranta Repens L

3, sewage sludge for Duranta Repens L

Duranta Repens L should be watered in accordance with the principle of "seeing dry and seeing wet", and watering thoroughly at one time. Drainage measures should be taken in advance in the rainy season to prevent accumulation of water and waterlogging of the plants. During the growth of Duranta Repens L, appropriate fertilizers should be applied to promote the growth of the plants and prolong the fruiting and fruiting period.

4. Pruning and insect control of Duranta Repens L

In spring, duranta repens Lshould be pruned properly, pruning away old branches, dead branches, diseased branches, long branches and overlapping branches, which can save nutrients and promote the growth of shoots.Dimethoate emulsion should be sprayed on the plants in advance, which can play a better pest control effect.

Duranta Repens L