Propagation methods of Duranta Repens L

Written by Maggie

Dec 11 2020

Propagation methods of Duranta Repens L

Duranta Repens L has the methods of sowing, cutting, layering and plant splitting propagation, among which sowing is the most important method. The seeds should be picked in the autumn and cultivated in the soil during sowing, or sowing in the spring of the following year. At this stage, the seeds should be treated with sand.

Duranta Repens L

1. Sowing reproduction of Duranta Repens L

The main method of propagation for Duranta Repens L is seed raising, which can be dried after harvesting in the fall and then seeded into nutrient soil, or it can be sand-deposited and sown in the spring of the following year, sown in a scattering-like manner, and then covered with 3cm thick soil.

2. Cuttage propagation of Duranta Repens L

The shoots were selected on the mother plant of Duranta Repens L, and then pruned to a length of 7cm, soaked in rooting water for half an hour, and finally cut into the sandy soil, watered to keep the soil moist, and then placed in a semi-overcast and ventilated environment, and cured for about 2 weeks to take root.

Duranta Repens L

3. Layering propagation of Duranta Repens L

The branches of Duranta Repens L are generally in a drooping state. In this case, this contour feature can be used for layering propagation. The mother plant's drooping branches can be covered with culture soil, while the covered areas need to be cut with a knife to keep the soil moist during this period, and the branches will take root in the spring of the next year.

4. Plant separation propagation for Duranta Repens L

If Duranta Repens L is vigorous, it will sprout many side branches, and then it can be divided for breeding. Dig the roots around Duranta Repens L in late autumn and move them into another pot for planting. During pruning, care must be taken not to destroy the mother roots.

Duranta Repens L