The breeding methods and precautions of Lemon

Written by Maggie

Nov 19 2020

The breeding methods and precautions of Lemon

Lemon flowers in summer and has the effect of repelling mosquitoes. It has a very strong floral smell, and if you put a pot of Lemon at home, you don't need to use air freshener. The lemon flower is white and beautiful, and is loved by everyone. So how are lemon flowers grown? What good method does breeding have again? What item does farming lemon flower need to notice again? Please read along with me with questions!

Lemon flower picture


Methods of lemon Flower cultivation (Basic knowledge) :

Best breeding time: cutting time in the plum rain season, or in May, June rainy days.

Optimal growth soil: potted unicorn-like soil should be prepared with water permeability, water retention and fertilizer retention, and slightly acidic culture soil.

Growth humidity requirement: lemon needs more water in growth and development, water is too much and not easy to rot roots. Summer and autumn season moisture in particular is sufficient but not too much, otherwise easy to lead to falling flowers and fruit.

The best growth temperature: the annual average temperature is above 15℃, the best growth temperature is 23℃ to 29℃, the growth stops above 35℃, -2℃ is subjected to freezing damage. Lemon summer does not need to drop in temperature commonly, enter the room before frost descends, clear after going out a room, and can overwinter safely.

Best growth is illuminated: lemon is fond of light plants, however sunshine is too intense, grows stunted. Generally at noon, the plants should be changed to a mild environment suitable for growth.


Notes for lemon Flower cultivation:

Apply fertilizer: lemon is more fond of fertilizer, except on basin, change basin to apply sufficient base fertilizer outside, growing period should adhere to the principle of thin fertilizer frequent application. The frequency and amount of fertilization should be determined according to the growth and phenological period. Such as applying liquid fertilizer to fully fermented cake fertilizer water is better, cake water ratio is 1:200. Northern soil alkali, can add ferrous sulfate in the fertilizer, mixed with a slightly acidic nutrient solution.

Watering points: in order to prevent the growth of summer shoots, while the tree to accumulate nutrients, promote the formation of buds, before the end of heat on the lemon pot "water".

Main points of pruning: Before spring shoot germination, intensity pruning must be carried out. First, remove dead branches, diseased branches, long branches, indrawn branches, cross branches, germinating branches and so on. To the strong branch weak shear, leave 4, 5 full bud; Weak branch strong shear, leave 2, 3 bud, make each branch send a more robust spring shoot. After the spring tip is long, in order to control its growth, it can be lightly cut, cut off the branch tip 3, 4 sections. After the growth of the new shoot has 6 ~ 8 segments on the heart, the purpose is to induce more summer shoots.

Replacement of soil: lemon flower pot must be carried out in the process of cultivation. Turn the pot in the best time half a month before the lemon sprouts. Before turning over the pot, prepare the pot as big as the original pot, it will be out of the pot, and do not break the mud ball. Along the mud ball to cut 1, 2 cm thick surface soil, cut the roots, rotten roots, and cut the bottom of the mud ball 1 cm thick soil, take out the tile into the bottom of the soil. Put the drain hole in the new basin with tile, first lay a 2 or 3 cm thick drainage layer, then lay a 4 or 5 cm thick nutrient-rich culture soil, mixed with a small amount of calcium superphosphate. Then put the lemon mashed ball into the basin, all around into the cultivation of soil to the mouth of the basin, slightly compacted the basin soil, poured sufficient root water, placed in the ventilated, half overcast place, and a week later put back to the original place, daily management.

Breeding points:

1, cutting propagation: take annual robust branches, about 15 ~ 20 cm long, the lower end to level off. Cut off most of the leaves on the branch, leave top 2, 3 leaves only, and insert in the sandy soil with good drainage. The soil should be disinfected beforehand, do not fertilize inside. Insert half the length of the branch. Pour enough water and place it in the underworld. Keep the soil in the basin moist, but not water. About 40 days on the branches will sprout, after gradually seeing light, into the normal management.

2. Grafting propagation: The root stock is coarse lemon (a kind of hybrid lemon) with strong roots.

Pest control: The common pests and diseases of lemon flower include coal pollution, scale insects, aphids, red spiders, etc., which can be controlled with relevant drugs. In the North area because water is partially alkalescent, we can add black alum (ferrous sulfate) when fertilizing, in order to adjust pH value, to avoid producing physiology yellow change disease.


Tips for raising lemon Flowers:

The specific method of lemon flower button water is to gradually reduce the water supply for potted lemon over ten days before the end of Heat. The water supply was stopped in the first 5 days, and the basin soil dried after being exposed to the sun and a large amount of water evaporated. Due to lack of water, the Root system produces branches and leaves water loss, withered leaves, curly. In order to prevent leaf dehydration, we can water the leaf surface in the morning and night,  but also to the basin soil spray a small amount of water.