Propagation methods of Lemon

Written by Maggie

Jan 11 2021

Propagation methods of Lemon

How to propagate Lemon flowers? Generally it can be used to propagate by cutting, sowing and grafting. Flower friends can choose the appropriate propagation method according to their own situation. The following are the details of cutting, grafting, sowing propagation methods of lemon.


Sowing propagation method of lemon

Lemon plants with robust growth and free of diseases and insect pests were selected as the mother trees for planting. Lemon fruits were picked when the fruits were fully mature in November and December. After a few days of planting, the fruits were cut open, the seeds were taken out, rinsed and sown immediately. Dry seeds should not be stored for a long time, and they are easy to lose their germinating power. Fresh seeds can germinate in only 7 days under the variable temperature condition of 15-25℃. 

Grafting propagation method of lemon

Before applying grafting propagation of Lemon, annual lignified spring or autumn shoots should be collected from Lemon trees with pure variety, free from pests and diseases, and high yield and stable yield. The commonly used grafting methods include cut grafting, abdominal grafting, and bud grafting.

Cut grafting

In spring, cut grafting is often used. The grafting effect is better when the SAP begins to flow. In Sichuan and Chongqing, grafting can be done in the second half month before and after the Rain Festival. In Guangdong, the survival rate of grafting is high within 40 days after the Start of Spring. In cold years, grafting can be postponed to May. Cutting operation is simple, rapid germination, rapid growth, and at the year, it can reach the specifications of the nursery. In autumn or the next spring, it can be transplanted.

Abdominal grafting

Abdominal grafting is generally used in autumn. After the rain festival in early November, it can be carried out. The survival rate of abdominal grafting is high, and the grafting can be made up for 2-3 times if the grafting is not done once. The scion cutting method is the same as the cutting method. At about 10cm off the ground, the smooth surface is cut longitudinally from top to bottom, about 2cm in length, and the depth of cutting should not hurt or slightly hurt the xylem. After opening the scion, insert it into the scion, bind the scion with a plastic film from the bottom to the top and seal the interface tightly.

Bud grafting

Bud grafting can be divided into small bud grafting and small bud abdominal grafting. Small bud grafting is mainly carried out in spring, while small bud abdominal grafting is mainly carried out in autumn. Bud connection speed, high efficiency, small wound rootstock, easy to heal. When cutting the bud, the left hand holds the scion upside down, the right hand holds the knife, the knife edge is put flat, from the lower end of the bud to the upper end of the bud to the upper 0.5 cm, so that the bud microstrip xylem, and then the scion is cut vertically downward with a knife, and the bud is removed. 


Cutting propagation method of lemon

Lemon cuttings are easy to survive. In late May, the clip was born under the strong spring pin, leaving buds cut into 3-4 cuttings, except for crown leaf. Cut off the rest of cuttings in sandy loam, immediately after watering, watering every few days later, stay green plug blade has no wilting phenomenon, crown begins to grow after a month, every 20 days after 1 night soil water.

Layering propagation method of lemon

Layering propagating Lemon mainly adopts high voltage. Choose thrive in May and June, no harm of diseases and pests of branches as a breeding female branch. In high pressure parts, removal of blade, with a knife girdling 4-6 cm, peeled off cortex, but it can't hurt the xylem, then with about 12 cm long, about 10 cm wide plastic film, away from the skin bottom 2 cm will film fastened with lines, form a cylinder, will fill in the cylinder, loose fertile orchard soil fill forms after the fist big mud, put the upper fastened.

High pressure after the blade is light green, in plastic bags for the white nun root, and gradually be full around. High pressure, success on October 9 - at the bottom of the plastic bags will cut the branches, gently down the plastic film. Be careful not to break mud pie, planted in pots, water flooding, in shade slow seedlings. After 10-15 days, gradually increase the illumination, and they may soon be able to grow new leaves. 

Tissue culture propagation method of lemon

Cut sterilized stem tips to 5-8 mm long, then inoculum polarity onto callus induction medium. After 3-4 weeks of culture, the explants begin to form callus. They can then be cut off and transferred to bud induction medium. After a few more weeks of culture, buds can form, which can be cut off and transferred to a root induction medium. After three to four weeks of culture, regenerated plants with roots are formed. The culture temperature was 24-26℃; 8 to 12 hours of light per day; The illumination is 1000-2000 lux.