Lemon Flower profile

Written by Maggie

Dec 02 2020

Lemon Flower profile

A Lemon flower is a flower that grows on a tree and then becomes a Lemon. It belongs to the citrus rutaceae family. Characteristics of small plants: evergreen trees of 1-2 meters, new leaves with villi, flowering in summer, mosquito repellent effect.

Lemon flower picture


Morphology characteristics of Lemon  

Characteristics of small plants: evergreen trees of 1-2 meters, new leaves with villi, flowering in summer, mosquito repellent effect. The color is mostly white or yellow, and the flowers are small.

Lemon growing environment

Lemon prefers well-drained soil. Lemon is cold-resistant, heat-resistant, ridge-resistant, drought-resistant but not easy to transplant.

When sowing, cover with thin soil and germinate in 5-7 days. After germination, it needs full sunshine.


The comprehensive utilization of lemon flower

1 Lemon scented tea

Lemon scented tea is one of China's special scented teas. It is made of Lemon fresh flowers and baked green tea with scenting system. The aroma of the tea is fresh and mellow, and the tea juice is clear. Lemon flower plays a role in promoting the secretion of protein decomposition enzymes in the stomach and helping digestion and absorption of the stomach. It also has a good therapeutic effect on cough, asthma, abdominal distension and diarrhea.

2 Lemon essential oil

Fresh Lemon flowers are not easy to store, and the volatile components in Lemon flowers are easily volatilized under the influence of light and heat. Lemon flowers are usually dried and preserved. Lemon essential oil is rich in oleic acid, linoleic acid, limonin, flavones, phospholipids and other active ingredients, which can inhibit the decay of human cells, inhibit the growth of microorganisms and delay food spoilage. Lemon oil is widely used in food, cosmetics, medicine, chemical industry and other industries. It can also be used as an ingredient in infant food. In industry, Lemon oil is generally extracted after peel cells are punctured. The extraction rate of lemon essential oil could be increased to 1.71% by microwave solvent-free extraction. This method is easy to operate and can also be applied to the comprehensive utilization of Lemon flower.

3 Lemon hydrosols

Lemon flower consists of two types, fresh and dried. The water soaked with Lemon flower has a fresh, strong and slightly orange fragrance. This fragrance has diffusion and penetrating power. Lemon flower water also has the functions of whitening, anti-oxidation, promoting cell metabolism, enhancing immunity and clearing away heat and detoxification. Drinking a cup of Lemon flower water on an empty stomach in the morning can promote peristalsis of the stomach and help detoxify.