Propagation methods of scarlet banana

Written by Maggie

Jan 08 2021

Propagation methods of scarlet banana

When it comes to scarlet bananas (Musa coccinea), your first thought may be that it has red flowers and small leaves, which can be both ornamental and economically useful. So how can such a good thing be propagated. Scarlet bananas can be propagated by sowing and division. Next, let's see these two propagation methods of scarlet bananas.

Scarlet banana

Scarlet banana sowing propagation method

Scarlet banana sowing propagation can generally be in May and June. At this time, the planting survival rate is higher. The following are steps of scarlet banana sowing propagation.

1. Sowing time

Scarlet Banana is mostly propagated by sowing, which can be propagated throughout the year at ordinary times, but the sowing temperature should not be too low, otherwise it will affect the root and germinate of the plants. Generally, it is best to sow in May to June in spring, which is conducive to the root and germinate of the seeds, so that the plants can grow better in the pot soil.

2. Seed treatment

The seeds of Scarlet Banana can be directly sown into the pot soil. But in the propagation method of Scarlet Banana, if you want the seeds to take root and germinate in order to avoid the harm of diseases and insects, then the seeds should be soaked in water for a day, soaked in potassium permanganate, and put in the shade to dry them.

3. Configuration basin soil

In fact, when applying sowing propagation of Scarlet Banana, it needs to be equipped with basin soil suitable for growth, and its requirements for basin soil are not very high. It needs to be sown in loose and fertile soil. Generally, pastoral soil, peat soil and river sand can be mixed as matrix, and ripe organic fertilizer can be used as base fertilizer.

Scarlet banana

4. Planting management

Each time to the seed treatment, configuration suitable for the growth of the pot soil, then the seeds can be planted into the mixed soil 1cm deep, it is necessary to properly give the pot soil loose, it is best to spray the right amount of water, but also the seed germination temperature control at 20℃, so as to make the seeds more easily germinated.

Division propagation of Scarlet Banana

Division propagation of Scarlet Banana can be said to be a very common propagation method. The Scarlet Banana robust plant roots, and were divided into three or four divisions, inserting it into the preparation of good soil. It is important to note that the selection of plants should be robust and relatively young plants. If it is the old plant, it will greatly reduce the survival rate of safflower Manila. Finally, don't forget to apply good and careful maintenance with pouring enough water.

Scarlet banana