Propagation methods of Pomegranate flowers

Written by Maggie

Jan 11 2021

Propagation methods of Pomegranate flowers

Pomegranate flowers can be propagated by cutting, sowing, dividing and layering. Flower friends can choose one of the four propagation methods according to their own conditions. The following four propagation methods of Pomegranate flowers are sorted out respectively.

Pomegranate flowers

1. Sowing propagation method of Pomegranate flowers

There are many different propagation methods of Pomegranate flowers, among which the timely sowing propagation method is the most common. First of all, excellent varieties of seeds of pomegranate flowers should be obtained from mature fruits. The seeds should be cleaned with water, soaked in potassium permanganate solution, and put in a cool place to dry the seeds.

Each time when planting Pomegranate flowers, it is also necessary to reconfigure the pot soil suitable for growth as the substrate. The seeds can be directly planted into the pot soil, which needs to be covered with a layer of 1cm thick soil, and the soil needs to be watered appropriately, so that the seeds of the plants can take root and germinate, so that they can grow better.

2. Cutting propagation method of Pomegranate flowers

In fact, in the cutting propagation method of Pomegranate flowers, we can also choose plants that have grown for more than two years, pick 10cm long shoots from near the base of the plant, treat all the leaves and branches on the shoots, and also disinfect the picked wounds, so as to avoid infection of bacteria on the wounds.

If Pomegranate flowers are propagated by cuttings, it is best to disinfected the basin soil, insert its branches into the soil 3cm deep, and properly compaction the cutting soil of Pomegranate flowers, put it in the astigmatic place for careful conservation, and wait patiently for its branches to take root.

Pomegranate flowers

3. Layering propagation method of Pomegranate flowers

Pomegranate flowers can be pressed in spring and autumn, flower friends only need to press the tillering parts of the root of Pomegranate flowers into the soil before the buds of Pomegranate flowers sprout, and after the summer, the roots can be pressed, and then separated from the mother plant.

Just replant it in a new pot and it will be ready to grow in the fall.

4. Splitting propagation method of Pomegranate flowers

The splitting propagation of Pomegranate flowers is carried out in spring. Generally, the roots and tillers of Pomegranate flowers grow in spring. At this time, flower friends can dig out these roots and tillers together with the roots and plant them in pots, which will easily survive.

Pomegranate flowers