Propagation methods of Pleione Bulbocodioides

Written by Maggie

Jan 07 2021

Propagation methods of Pleione Bulbocodioides

Pleione Bulbocodioides is a kind of flower plant with high ornamental value and can be seen in many parts of Our country. With more and more people growing it, people are also concerned about its propagation. What about the propagation methods of Pleione Bulbocodioides? Below I will make up to take you to understand.

As the propagation methods of Pleione Bulbocodioides, in fact, it can be divided into two methods: planting and frilling, among which sowing and frilling are commonly used and the survival rate is relatively high. Although there are fewer people involved in frilling, as long as we do it properly, the survival rate is also very high. Here are the details of two propagation methods of Pleione Bulbooides.

Pleione Bulbooides

Preparation of propagation method of Pleione Bulbooides

The matrix selection

First of all, we all need to choose substrate, which is the foundation of step. It is very important, generally it is better to choose breathable good loose fertile and sandy loam as substrate, the soil drainage is very good, and can better absorb nutrients, also not easy to make the phenomenon of water.

The matrix disinfection

After we in choosing the pleione bulbocodioides matrix, we also need to disinfect, lest in possession of pests to plants, or bacteria infection in disinfection of time we can break up, then flat out in the sun insolates. We also can put it in the pot, and then open to stir the fire, even if there are diseases and insect pests, that may therefore be killed.

Seed propagation method of Pleione Bulbooides

Seeds to living: we're of Pleione bulbocodioides seed propagation before, first of all have a treatment needs to be done before, it is of Pleione bulbocodioides seeds for living, we can put the seeds in warm water soak for 24 hours, until removed seeds began to swell, so in the breeding of seed can germinate faster.

Seeding methods: Pleione bulbocodioides seeding method is relatively simple. First of all, we want to be in shi into the right amount of soil basal, then put the seeds spread evenly on the soil. After seeding in a complex on 1 cm above the soil can be watering, watering the best edible basin leaching, the flower pot into the water about half, drench water slowly from the bottom up, has certain moisture in the soil after removing a flower pot.

Pleione Bulbooides

Division propagation method of Pleione Bulbooides

In the process of division propagation of Pleione Bulbooides, we can arrange it in combination with washing, and the time can be selected in spring and autumn. In the process of codifying, we need to pull the over-dense female plants out of the soil, then cut them into clusters, put them on and plant them as you go, which makes them very easy to survive.It is a complete flower after one basin commonly.

Conclusion: After reading the above, I believe you have some understanding of the propagation methods of Pleione Bulbooides. 

Pleione Bulbooides