Propagation methods of Phaius flavus

Written by Maggie

Jan 15 2021

Propagation methods of Phaius flavus

Phaius flavus is a very beautiful flower, slender branches and stems, flowers beautiful, more planted in the south of China. Phaius flavus is very good to raise a kind of flower, and the method of propagation is relatively simple, generally based on the division method. Now let's look at the correct propagation method of Phaius flavus together.

Phaius flavus

The time to apply division propagation

Division propagation method of phaius flavus is advisable to start sowing in the spring before the new buds appear, or after the flowering period of the orchid, when it enters a short dormant period. Most seedling propagation is carried out with a combination of soil changing and pot changing. If the plant grows vigorously, it can be divided and bred every two to three years under the condition of healthy and strong branches and leaves and good growth state.

The method of division propagation

Phaius flavus top from the soil in the whole tree out and gently shaking off excess dirt on the roots, the roots are clean and trim off the residual roots and roots and roots rotted, then plant growth trend. Conveniently crane top of pseudobulb use a knife to cut into several small beams, cut when should pay attention to a little less damage to the roots as far as possible. If not careful, hurt the root system, and we can use a simple daub after the wound a little to plant an ash plant to a new pot.

It is important to note that each small bunch of separate daughter plants should contain at least three pseudobulbs with new buds. Because of the new buds, these newly separated plants will remain relatively unaffected after planting and will continue to flower that year.

When planting, place the budding part of the plant out of the pot to give the plants plenty of room to grow. It is best to plant about 1cm below the pseudobulbs in the soil.

Phaius flavus

Management after plant division propagation

The best new soil for division propagation is fertile and decayed soil, while weak acidic soil with loose and high humus content is the most suitable. Some vegetable garden soil containing more nutrients, leaf rot soil or pond soil can be used. Dividing attention to the appropriate shading treatment, avoid the plant by direct sunlight, pay attention to the ventilation of the environment, placed in a semi-shady place is the best. The condition can be directly planted to the shade or shade of the flowers. Watering should be properly controlled, often to the leaves on the water to keep wet, until the plant slowly recovers after normal growth and then apply regular watering.