Propagation methods of Passion flowers

Written by Maggie

Jan 14 2021

Propagation methods of Passion flowers

Passion flowers can be propagated by cutting, division and sowing. The following are the cutting, division and sowing methods and steps of Passion flowers.

Passion flowers

1. Cutting propagation method of Passion flowers

Cutting propagation is the main propagation method of Passion flowers.

Passion flowers cutting time

Cuttage propagation generally with green branches cuttings, northern greenhouse can be carried out throughout the year, and can also be autumn. Generally family propagation can be carried out in July, August.

Preparation of Passion flowers cutting

Cuttage selection of old ripe, substantial branches as material, each cuttings to two or three sections of the best, the cut from the internode 1 cm, on the cut should be 2 cm above the terminal bud, so the most easy to root. If the material is less, you can cut to leave a section as cuttings, but this rooting is slow.

Before cutting, the cuttings should be treated with root prompting. The lower part of the cuttings should be soaked with indolebutyric acid 3000 times to 10,000 times solution for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Cuttage substrate can be used 20 to 30 percent of the fire soil and 7 to 80 percent of the loose and fertile garden soil or paddy soil mixed.

Steps of Passion flowers cutting

Cutting when retaining half to a leaf, tendrils cut completely, so conducive to conservation of nutrients.

Cutting when the lower half of the cuttings are inserted into the soil to take root, about the depth of insertion to reach two thirds of the length of the cuttings, leaving the upper half of a bud germination branch.

After inserting, place the nutrient bag on the seedbed and water immediately. The first watering must be thoroughly watered. After watering, keep wet depending on the weather conditions.

After 30 days, the seedling rate could reach more than 85%.

Management of Passion flowers after cutting

Maintain the humidity of the seedbed, with plastic film small arch shed or greenhouse seedling, at the same time every day to drench water to maintain humidity.

In winter and early spring we should pay attention to the cold bed, use plastic film small arch shed or greenhouse seedling cold. In addition, we need to open heat dissipation on sunny days, the rest of the time should be covered with plastic film.

Passion flowers

2. Plant division propagation method of Passion flowers

Passion flowers can only germinate at the neck of the root, so it is necessary to have part of the root neck during the division, otherwise new plants cannot germinate. In order to be easy to identify, the method of burying roots in advance is often used for accelerating germination.

Wait until the adventitious buds on the root and neck of Passion flowers sprout before cutting them up and planting them. The propagation method of plant division is simple and feasible, with a high survival rate and strong seedling, but the number of propagation plants is limited.

3. Sowing propagation method of Passion flowers

Sowing propagation method of Passion flowers can be done all year round, but spring and fall sowing are best.

Generally, the plants with strong growth, no diseases and pests, and high and stable yield are selected as the mother plants. The fruits with proper shape, slightly heavier and fully mature are collected, the seeds are taken out, and the residue is washed and dried before sowing.

To seed, stir 1 kg of seeds with 10 to 20 grams of carbendazim for about 20 minutes, then spread the seeds evenly over the bed.

After sowing, cover the bed with a thin layer of grass and pour enough water.

After sowing, water should be watered according to the weather conditions. On fine days, water should be sprayed every morning and evening once a day. After about half a month, the excavation began.

When the emergence of more than 80%, it should be timely top fertilizer, can be used to dilute water fertilizer or dilute urea liquid pouring to cultivate strong seedlings, seedlings to grow 4 pieces of true leaves when transplanting.

Although the sowing method is relatively simple, the seedlings propagated from seeds have strong roots and strong resistance to adversity, but the variation is large, the results are late, the yield is unstable, and the fruit size is not uniform.

Passion flowers