How to grow and care for Passion flowers

Written by Maggie

Aug 14 2021

How to grow and care for Passion flowers

Passion flowers are large, light green and contain a lot of aromatic substances, which can be processed into fruit juice. As a kind of ornamental and practical plant, how to grow and care for Passion flowers? Let's take a look.

Passion flowers

Soil care for growing Passion flowers

Passion flowers are highly adaptable and do not have strict requirements on the soil. They can be planted in front of the house and behind the house, in the mountains and on the roadside. However, they grow best in soil rich in organic matter, loose, deep soil layer and good drainage.

Light care for growing Passion flowers

Passion flowers are tropical and subtropical plants, which like to live in the sunny environment. So it is best to plant in a sunny and sunny place. If you grow it at home, it should be placed in a sunny and south windowsill.

Watering care for growing Passion flowers

Passion flowers have strict requirements for water. They are afraid of both water accumulation and drought. If water shortage occurs during flowering and bearing, the fruit will be small, the quality will decline and the fruit will drop.

Fertilizing care for growing Passion flowers

At the beginning of Passion flowers planting, base fertilizer application should be combined with hole planting.

10-15 kg of decomposed farmhouse fertilizer is applied to each hole, and then planted after backfilling the whole soil. After picking fruit every year, we should combine pruning and weeding with sufficient base fertilizer, and each plant should apply decayed organic fertilizer 8-10 kg.

Overwintering care for growing Passion flowers

Due to the poor cold tolerance of Passion flowers, the plants should be treated with full sunshine in winter. They should not be placed in the shade, otherwise they will cause the phenomenon of falling leaves. Meanwhile, they should avoid the blowing of cold wind, and the heating treatment should be carried out by supplementing light when the temperature is low.

Passion flowers

Passion flowers care for disease and insect prevention

1. Root rot

When we care for Passion flowers, if too much water, and soil permeability ability is poor, it is easy to suffer from root rot and the root system will gradually wither, later will become black, seriously endangering the health of the plant. You need to use the enemy sulfonic sodium 40% wettable powder poured by the diseased plants, every 3 ~ 5 days shall be sprayed with 70% thiophanate.

2. Anthracnose

When Passion flowers suffer from anthrax, it will harm the leaves and fruits of the plant, and the leaves will gradually form disease spots. It is necessary to spray 25% imidamide emulsion during the onset period, spray once every 7 days or so, and spray continuously for about 3 times to effectively treat this disease.

3. Mosaic disease

When the Passion flowers are infected with Mosaic, the blade will gradually become a yellow pattern shape, and will gradually fall. In the early stages of the disease, we can use 5% bacteria poisonous clear wettable powder 300 times liquid, and at the same time cooperate with kill aphid agent spray once every other week, continuous spraying 2 times or so can be effective in the treatment of this disease.

4. Leaf spot

The appearance of leaf spot disease is usually caused by poor ventilation maintenance. The plant is infected by fungus, the leaves will appear brown spots, the harm to the plant is also relatively large. Once the plant is found to have this disease, we need a timely prune, while spraying carbendazim agent for sterilization.

Passion flowers