Propagation methods of Mimulus hybridus

Written by Maggie

Jan 07 2021

Propagation methods of Mimulus hybridus

Mimulus Hybridus has a unique appearance. When flowering, it looks like a monkey in its appearance, so there are a lot of flower friends who like to grow up, especially the ones with strong curiosity. Mimulus hybridus is a kind of hybrid, which can be propagated by means of hybrid plant, seeding, tissue cultivation, etc. The following is a wonderful way to introduce propagation methods of Mimulus Hybridus, which helps you propagate Mimulus Hybridus.

Mimulus hybridus

Division propagation method of Mimulus hybridus

The great advantage of the division propagation method of Mimulus hybridus lies in that it has a strong survival advantage, because its root system grows strongly and has no seedling stage. However, this kind of propagation method is not suitable for the demand of high yield. Generally, the season is spring. The roots of the young plants below two years old near the mother plant can be separated to maintain the integrity of their roots, or they can be cut with sharp tools. However, in this case, the carbendazim liquid should be used in time for repair, and the plants can be directly cultivated in pots after separation.

Mimulus hybridus division process

Planting time: preferably in early spring (February, March) after soil thawing.

Method of plant separation: take the mother plant out of the pot, shake off the excess soil, separate the root as far as possible, cut it into two or more plants with a sharp knife, each of which should have its own root system, and trim its leaves appropriately to help it survive.

The plate disinfection

Soak the divided small plants in chlorothalonil 1500-fold solution for five minutes, then remove to cool and dry, and serve. It can also be in the upper basin immediately after the root with chlorothalonil irrigation.

Management after plant division

Pour root or pour water through one time after installing the plants separately. Because its root system was very damaged, water absorption ability is very weak, it will take about 3 ~ 4 weeks to restore the germination of the new root. Therefore, the points of moderation within 3 ~ 4 weeks after watering, lest roots rotted, but its leaf transpiration is not affected, In order to maintain water balance of the blade, the need for foliar spray 1 ~ 3 times a day (higher injection temperature, low temperature spray spray or not). Don't put on any fertilizer during this period. After planting, also pay attention to the sun being too strong, it is best to put in the shade for maintenance.

On the basin of transplanting

Up the plate, the first in the pelvic floor in a 2 ~ 2 cm thick or coarse grained matrix ceramsite as a filter layer, cover it with full of rotten organic fertilizer as basal, thickness of about 1 ~ 2 cm, then cover with a layer of substrate, about 1 ~ 2 cm thick, and then into the plant, to separate the fertilizer from the root, avoid burning roots.

The substrate for the upper basin

You can choose the following peat + perlite + ceramsite =2 parts +2 parts +1 part peat + slag + ceramsite =2 parts +2 parts +1 part sawdust + vermiculite + medium coarse river sand =2 parts +2 parts +1 part.After finishing the pot, pour water into it once, and put it in a shade environment for maintenance for a week.

When transplanting the seedlings, dig the planting holes first and sprinkle a layer of organic fertilizer at the bottom of the planting holes as base fertilizer (base fertilizer) with a thickness of about 4 ~ 6cm. Then cover with a layer of soil and add the seedlings to separate the fertilizer from the roots and avoid burning roots.

After placing the seedlings, backfill the soil to cover the root system, trample the soil with your feet and water it through once.


Sowing propagation method of Mimulus hybridus

Mimulus Hybridus enters a short-lived fruit stage after its flowering time, and the kind of fruit is harvested and can be used for sowing and propagation directly in spring. However, the kind of plant has a small amount of fruit, so it is suitable for seed sowing without the need of extra soil covering. Generally, the plant will sprout after about half a month. During this process, the environment should be kept in a cool state, plants grow to about 10 cm, and can be colonized.

Sterile sowing propagation method of Mimulus hybridus

Sterile sowing propagation method of Mimulus hybridus consumes a lot of energy, but its effect is undoubtedly the best. It can directly pair the fruit species of mimulus hybridus by itself. After about two months, it will sprout and grow into a bulb. This kind of propagation method, the plant is relatively small, but the appearance is strong, is more than in the vase curing, the survival rate is about 85% above.

Tissue culture propagation method of Mimulus hybridus

Tissue culture propagation method of Mimulus hybridus is to choose strong seedlings, intercepting the annual bud, as the explant selection propagating. After placing in pet bottles, which applied to configure the base liquid, placed in a cold environment. About a week later, it can take root. After removed, using potassium permanganate soak, it can be directly placed in the pot cultivating seedlings.

Mimulus hybridus