Propagation methods of Magnolia Alba

Written by Maggie

Jan 06 2021

Propagation methods of Magnolia Alba

Magnolia Alba, also called white champaca, can be propagated in various ways, including sowing, layering, grafting and cutting. The following steps are respectively arranged for the sowing, layering, grafting and cutting propagation methods of Magnolia Alba.

Magnolia Alba

1. Sowing propagation method of Magnolia Alba

The sowing time for magnolia alba (white sandalwood) is generally better at the end of September or the beginning of October.

The seeds are first taken out from the ripe fruit and soaked in ash water for 1-2 days. Then the waxy seed coat is rubbed out and washed with clean water before sowing. If it is done indoors in March, the seedlings will appear in about 20 days.

2. Layering propagation method of Magnolia Alba

Magnolia Alba (white jade orchid tree) layering propagation method can be divided into ordinary layering method and high-branch layering method.

Ordinary layering

Common layering in 2-3 month, first of all, the need to hold good about half of the depth of the pressure to cut the branches, up to cut open a, then a small piece of tile in the middle, slowly pressed branches into the soil, to avoid broken, "U" shaped thick wire available to help fixed branches, lest the cock branches, finally to heap of soil.If the spring with this layering method, such as the root bud can be cut off after planting.

Layering of high branches

High-pressure original before hot days, you first need to select WuBingHai from the mother plant is about 1.5 2 cm in diameter of the robustness of the tender branches, bifurcation place to cut the bottom of a crack in a basin, combined with bamboo tube or bottomless crock, populated with culture soil, with a cord in external banding, to avoid being touched, regular watering, but water shoulds not be too big, can make plant wet can, in May next year both before and after the new root hair, remove can colonize.

Magnolia Alba

3. Grafting propagation method of Magnolia Alba

Grafting is the first method of propagation for Magnolia Alba, and the rootstock is mostly selected from two to three years old of the two plants of Magnolia alba, while the grafting can take place in June on the branches of Magnolia Alba.

The length of the incision is about 3-5cm, and the plastic strips are tied tightly after the joint, so that the cambium is tightly bound.

After about 3 months, when the rootstock and scion are basically longer together, they can be cut off from the mother plant. At the same time, the upper part of the rootstock can be removed to get a new plant.

4. Cuttage propagation method of Magnolia Alba

Choose strong, disease-free branches for cuttings. After selecting the cuttings, they should be carefully handled. Twig inserted after cuttings, cuttings should be taken immediately to prevent wilting affecting survival. The cut under the cuttings can also prevent decay if it is stained with some freshly burned grass ash.

After cutting, the cutting substrate should be kept moist. General cuttings after 50 days or so can root.

Magnolia Alba