Propagation methods of Kapok

Written by Maggie

Jan 08 2021

Propagation methods of Kapok

How to propagate Kapok? We can use sowing, grafting, cutting three ways to propagate Kapok. More commonly used are cutting and grafting. The following are Kapok's propagation method steps.


Kapok sowing propagation method

1. Seed selection

When applying Kapok sowing propagation method, the seeds of Kapok must be healthy and full. It is recommended to choose the seeds that are slightly larger and free from diseases and insects. Such seeds are conducive to taking root and germinating.

Seeds before sowing must be soaked in warm water, about 12 hours, and then add the right amount of root powder, so conducive to seed germination.

2. Sow the soil

For home planting, the soil can be mixed with sand and humus, and the pot can be made of clay or the seedling tray, and then the potting soil can be put into the pot, and the seed can be planted.

3. Sowing method

The sowing method of Kapok is generally sowing or sowing on demand. For family sowing, it is recommended to adopt the method of sowing on demand. For mass sowing, the method of sowing on demand can be used. Sow the prepared seeds directly into the potting soil on demand, and the seeds should be evenly planted. After sowing, the seeds should be covered with thin soil, and the water should be moistened.

It usually takes about ten days for seeds to germinate after sowing.

Kapok flower cutting propagation method

1. Branch selection

Branches suggest to choose the tender branches that are born within three years, and cut branches down, at the same time cut branches cut growth is 7 centimeters, the leaf above the branches should be removed, need to retain the top 2 leaves are OK.

2. Prepare the slotting machine

The cuttings can be made by themselves, the height of the cuttings is 50 centimeters, the length is 5 meters, the width is about 2 meters, and the cuttings are covered with about 5 centimeters of garden soil at the bottom of the cuttings, and then covered with a layer of sand with a thickness of 3 centimeters.

Kapok sowing propagation method

3. Cutting method

The prepared cuttings are directly inserted into the slotting bed, the insertion depth is 1/2 of the cuttings can be inserted, after the need to use the hand to compaction the surrounding soil, and then spread a layer of straw, and in the surface sprinkling moisture, control the humidity of the cutting bed.

Usually, cuttings after almost a month of time will take root, so flower friends to wait patiently.

Kapok grafting propagation method

1. Grafting time

The time of grafting propagation of Kapok can be carried out in spring and summer. Spring is suitable in February and March, and summer is suitable in June and July.

2. Preparation of grafting materials

Before applying the grafting propagation of Kapok, we should first choose the drill wood and scion. The selection of drill wood must ensure that the age of the tree is more than 5 years old, and the scion bud can be a one-year or two-year branch.

3. Grafting method

In the scion, you can choose the full bud, and then directly according to the length of the scion, cut lengthwise on the drilled wood, the length is about 11 cm, and then flower friends can insert the cut scion into the drilled wood.

Then wrap the film on it, and hold it firmly. After that, you need to sprinkle some water to moisturize.