Propagation methods of Edging lobelia

Written by Maggie

Jan 14 2021

 Propagation methods of Edging lobelia

A lot of people like blue flowers, so Edging Lobelia is the first choice. Edging Lobelia is distributed all over the world, so it's very popular, so it's a very convenient and easy way to grow and propagate, and it's good for beginners. Now, let's see the propagation methods of Edging Lobelia.

Edging Lobelia

Sowing propagation method of Edging Lobelia

Attention should be paid to the small seeds of the emerald butterfly, so when sowing, you can mix some fine sand to sow again, or grow seedlings to the first 6 ~ 8 leaves when the pot or flower bed cultivation; And use fine hole watering, force must not be too fierce, in case of seed loss. Sowing from January to March and flowering after July; Sowing in August to October and flowering the next year. Seeds can germinate 20 days after being sown at 22 degrees Celsius. Generally used as potted and hanging pot plants or mixed with other flowers. Plants grow slowly, the seeds are very small, germination does not need to cover. edging lobelia can not adapt to high temperature, 12-15 degrees Celsius temperature growth is better. After sowing, 65 can flower. Usually 8-12 seeds are planted in each acupressure.

Pay attention to loose soil and weed during the seedling period. After planting, dilute human excrement was applied once; After harvest in summer, topdressing livestock dung or ammonium sulfate, urea, etc. Apply decomposing or compost in winter. In the dry season to irrigate from, the economy to keep the soil moist, to facilitate growth. In the transplanting at the same time to add long-effect fertilizer, after every three weeks or so again topdressing, especially before the arrival of the flowering period, to supplement more phosphate fertilizer, in order to bloom.

Many flower lovers do not know when to apply the sowing propagation of Edging Lobelia. The best sowing time for Edging Lobelia in the Yangtze River Basin is from September 10 to September 20. The night should not be more than October, and the morning should not be more than September 1.

Sowing in August, seedlings will take shape very early, probably in the end of February to early March can blossom, but because of the climate conditions, flowers and plants flowering sunshine and temperature is difficult to ensure, the flowering effect is not ideal, relatively sparse. As the temperature rises, the branches become longer, and the effect will be loose, not very plump. Of course, if you like a very ethereal hanging effect, it is very ideal. This early sowing also has certain benefits, and is to appreciate the long flowering period.

Sowing in September is best, especially in the middle of the year.

Sowing in October, the temperature will drop more quickly, the seedling period is long, the whole winter growth is slow, so test the flower friend's patience. As temperatures rise, spring has been gradually growing. If you want to come out good results will have difficulty in October seeding seedlings can pull big, also can blossom, but because the temperature is suitable for the growth of the season has been relatively high, so will internodes longer, flowering intensity will be discounted.

Edging Lobelia

Cutting propagation method of Edging Lobelia

When Edging Lobelia is used for cuttings, it is necessary to select 1 to 2 years old, healthy and strong branches as cuttings. The side branches and leaves on the branches are cut off, leaving only 4 pairs of leaves on the top. Carbendazim is coated at the cuttings and dried, and then directly planted into sandy soil to keep the soil moist and loose.

When Edging Lobelia is propagated by cuttings, the branches can be soaked in rooting agent for 3 to 5 minutes. When the roots are cultivated, the branches need to be placed in a cool and ventilated environment. When new shoots and leaves grow near the base of the branches, they need to be cut off in time to help the growth of the trunk.

Edging Lobelia division propagation method

Edging Lobelia is used to divide the planets in order to propagate them. Water can be stopped early to prevent too much damage to the roots. Tools are used to dispot the plants, separate the leaves and roots, dry the wounds, and plant the separated plants in new pot soil.

Edging Lobelia