Edging lobelia profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 14 2021

Edging lobelia profile

Edging lobelia is a perennial herb, annual in cultivation, semi vinely spread on the ground, smooth or slightly hairy below, branches slender; Leaves are opposite, leafy, lower leaves spatulate, crenate, apex obtuse, upper leaves oblanceolate, subapical leaves broadly linear and acute; Racemes are terminal, florets long stalked.

Edging lobelia is used for flower beds, flower borders, and has medicinal properties.

Edging Lobelia picture

Edging Lobelia

Morphological characteristics of Edging Lobelia

Edging Lobelia is about 12 to 20 cm tall, and the stems and branches are fine. The upper leaves of the stem are smaller and lanceolate, and the leaves near the base are slightly larger, spatulate, and alternate leaves. The flower top is born or axillary, corolla apex five lobes, the lower 3 lobes are larger, the shape is like a butterfly wings, color has red, peach, purple, purple blue, white and other colors.

Ecological habits of Edging Lobelia

Edging Lobelia needs long sunlight and cold temperatures to bloom.

Edging lobelia  is not hardy, avoids extreme heat, and prefers loam rich in humus and easy soil.

Edging Lobelia

Edging lobelia growing management

Sandy soil is the best, good drainage and sunshine needs, plant height 15-30 cm, slender stems and branches; The leaves near the base are slightly larger, broad-spatulate, the upper leaves of the stem are smaller and lanceolate. Corolla apex five lobed, diverse colors, red, pink, purple blue, white flowering period for the spring. Edging lobelia  likes warm, avoids high temperature and humidity, winter season full sunshine or half sunshine can be fertile, the appropriate temperature is 15-25 degrees C. 

Edging lobelia  flowers are like butterflies flying from flower to flower. Its flowers are terminal or axillary, with five lobes at the apex and three lobes at the bottom. It looks like a butterfly spreading its wings. There are many colors, such as red, white, purple, peach, pink, purple and blue, and many flowers into plants and close, widely loved by families in Europe and America.

Edging Lopelia's growth temperature is about 15-20°C. In Taiwan, it is suitable for autumn sowing. It takes 7-14 days to germinate, and 70 to 90 days from sowing to flowering, meaning that the flowers will bloom in the spring. Because the seeds of edging lobelia are very small, they can be seeded with some fine sand or planted in pots or flower beds after 6-8 leaves are raised. And the use of fine hole watering, force must not be too fierce, in case of seed loss.

The best soil for cultivation is sandy loam rich in organic matter. Organic fertilizer can be added to the soil in advance, or Huabao 5 can be applied to promote the rapid growth of seedlings. Apply Huabao No.2 as top dressing every 3-4 weeks during growth; About two and a half months later, you can apply Huabao 3 to promote flowering and brighten the color of flowers. Its color is very diverse, from blue, dark blue to light blue, pink and so on rich colors, although its own branching is strong, but still slightly pick bud 3 times or so, to get the flower group.

Edging lobelia is a perennial root plant, but in Taiwan's flat land, summer heat often prevents it from overwintering, so it is discarded after flowering and replanted in the fall. Edging Lobelia loves the sun and should not be kept indoors in the shade. After raising seedlings, moved to the pot, to be born into a plant, the close branches and leaves of the basin surface and into a cone, very beautiful. Watering should be careful at this time, and should be applied water from the root, as far as possible, not directly from the top of a large amount of water, in order to maintain the original state of branches, leaves and flowers. And Edging Lobelia likes to be warm, but don't be too hot and humid. Be careful!

Edging lobelia propagation method

Reproduction: Sowing method, suitable temperature for germination about 18~22 degrees C, sowing in late autumn on well-drained sandy loam or fine river sand (can be box or basin sowing). After sowing, about 7~15 days can bud, when the seedling leaves grow 6~8 transplant pots or flower bed cultivation.

Edging lobelia application

Application: flowerbed, potted plant, hanging pot and garden landscape.

Edging Lobelia