Propagation methods of Chinese trumpet vine

Written by Maggie

Jan 13 2021

Propagation methods of Chinese trumpet vine

Chinese trumpet vine can cut to its new branches inserted in the ground to stand to breed, you can also use it in March for sowing the seeds of breeding, or select a stout branches anywhere close to the ground, layering propagation will be covered it up with it, and can also directly with Chinese trumpet vine plant grow seedlings in plant propagation. Next, let's see the propagation methods of Chinese trumpet vine.

Chinese Trumpet Vine

Cutting propagation method of Chinese Trumpet Vine

Cutting propagation method of chinese trumpet vine can be in the spring. At this time the comfortable temperature is advantageous to the branches to take root, grow in the mother on choosing the robust branch in 2 years. The length of the branches can be between 10 to 20 centimeters. After cutting it to the soil, river sand and clay make up the depth of the cuttings 5 cm deep. After water moisturizing, avoid light environment maintenance 20 days or so can take root. The following are steps for Cuttage of chinese trumpet Vine.

1. Cutting time

Chinese Trumpet Vine is a plant with strong vitality and adaptability, and it is easy to manage. So how to cut Chinese Trumpet Vine? Most of Chinese Trumpet Vine is cut in the spring, when it is in its budding stage and the temperature is suitable for increasing the survival rate.

2. Cut the branches

Chinese Trumpet Vine is best to grow cuttings for more than 2 years so that the survival rate is higher. The length of the cuttings can be between 10 and 20 cm. After that, the leaves at the bottom of the cuttings should be removed, only the leaves at the top should be retained, and then the cuttings can be exposed to the sun for a period of time.

3. Prepare the substrate

Chinese trumpet vine cuttings must be made of soil with good drainage capacity. Generally, the same amount of red soil and river sand can be prepared, and 5 parts of humus soil, 3 parts of decompose bark and 1 part of peat are also recommended. In this way, the soil contains more nutrients and has a high air permeability, which is suitable for the rooting of Chinese Trumpet Vine branches.

4. Cutting

The depth of cuttings can be about 5 cm, after the hand gently beats the soil, the compaction, to the soil surface for water, keeps the soil moist. Then it will be moved into the environment to avoid light, during the timely watering, and so on about 20 days of time will take root.

Chinese Trumpet Vine

Sowing propagation method of Chinese Trumpet Vine

The Sowing propagation method of Chinese Trumpet Vine is also one of the most common methods of propagating Chinese Trumpet Vine. The seeds of this type will mature around October and will be planted in March. Before planting, the seeds should be soaked in warm water for about 2 days to improve the chances of germination and screen out the dead seeds.

Layering propagation method of Chinese Trumpet Vine

The Layered propagation method of Chinese Trumpet Vine is more common in ordinary families, often chosen in July. We need to choose relatively thick branches, pull vines to the ground, buried in soil using it, the bud leakage can be outside, keep the soil moist during this, about a month and a half later can take root, root it after transplanting.

Division propagation method of Chinese Trumpet Vine

Division propagation method of Chinese Trumpet Vine has certain limitations. It requires that the mother plant should be able to grow new seedlings. In general, Chinese trumpet vine is difficult to grow, and if a seedling growing near the mother plant is transplanted, the survival rate is very high.

Chinese Trumpet Vine