How to grow Chinese trumpet vine

Written by Maggie

Jan 13 2021

How to grow Chinese trumpet vine

When we mentioned about  Chinese Trumpet Vine, a lot of people are not clear, but it does happen to be seen occasionally in the park or in the garden bed by the road. In fact, it is also very common in life. Well, today we'll talk about how to grow Chinese Trumpet Vine.

Chinese Trumpet Vine

Pot soil and flowerpot selection for growing Chinese Trumpet Vine

Potted flower friends can choose a pot with good permeability, deep high clay pot or wooden barrel for planting to give chinese trumpet vine roots enough space to grow. The choice of basin soil, remember a few points are OK, fertile and loose, the neutral or slightly acidic soil with good discharge water. We also can go to the park or ground soil, bask in after adding a few base fertilizer can be used.

Environment for growing Chinese Trumpet Vine

Chinese Trumpet Vine We can store it in a sunny environment, but in a semi-overshade environment it will grow more slowly and the flowers will be less coloured and pale. If it is grown indoors, we will plant chinese trumpet vine in sunny courtyards, balconies, and balconies facing south or west. Ventilation should be paid attention to, and the flower pots should not be placed in north or closed balconies by all means.

Chinese Trumpet Vine

Water for growing Chinese Trumpet Vine

Chinese Trumpet Vine Preferred wet conditions, but not too much, with moderate drought resistance. Watering frequency should be higher, keep basin soil slightly wet and not waterlogging. Chinese Trumpet Vine should be kept dry and slightly moist when it enters a dormant period from autumn to winter into the following spring.

Fertilizer for growing Chinese Trumpet Vine

Chinese Trumpet vine is a plant that likes fertilizer. In addition to being turned over and fertilized, a nitrogen-based fertilizer should be applied 10 to 15 days after germination to facilitate the growth of branches and leaves. Also pay attention to the addition of phosphate and potassium fertilizer, to promote bud differentiation and flowering preparation. In the winter time, do not need fertilizer.

The above is a brief introduction to grow Chinese Trumpet Vine, hoping to be helpful to you.

Chinese Trumpet Vine