Chinese trumpet vine profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 13 2021

Chinese trumpet vine profile

Chinese trumpet vine flowers located in the provinces of central China of a plant bignoniaceae. Chinese trumpet vine is a deciduous vine, by air to take root to climb it up growth, pinnate compound leaves, leaflets ovate, serrated edge, bright red flowers, corolla funnel-shaped, capsule, medicinal value, with blood to remove blood stasis, cool blood to remove wind function, but also has ornamental value.

Chinese trumpet vine picture

Chinese trumpet vine

Morphological characteristics of Chinese trumpet vine

Chinese Trumpet vine, much shriveled and curled, yellowish-brown to tan, full flowers 4 -- 5cm long. Calyx tube is campanulate, 2 ~ 2.5cm long, lobes 5, lobes to the middle, the base of the calyx tube to the tip of the calyx tooth has 5 longitudinal edges. Corolla apex is 5-lobed, lobes semicircular, lower joint funnel-shaped, surface visible veinlets, the inner surface is more obvious. chinese trumpet vine has 4 stamens, attached to corolla, 2 long and 2 short, anthers polyglyph, style 1, stigma flattened. The smell is fresh, the taste is slightly bitter and sour. The capsule is long like a pod, blunt tip.

Chinese Trumpet Vine Complete flowers 6 -- 7cm long. Calyx tube is 1.5 ~ 2cm long, hard leathery, apex 5-toothed, lobes short triangular, about 1/3 as long as calyx tube, no obvious longitudinal edges outside the calyx tube; Corolla is with distinct dark brown veins on inner surface.

The Ecological Habits of Chinese Trumpet Vine

Chinese trumpet vine likes sun, slightly shade resistance, warm, humid climate, not cold resistant. It requires good drainage, rich moist soil, more resistant to water and moisture, but also drought resistance, and a certain salt and alkali resistance. It can be planted on sandy loam and clay loam. The flowers are large and dense when the soil is fertile, and it is not suitable for planting in the low-lying area with stagnant water.

Chinese trumpet vine

Growing methods of Chinese trumpet vine

Chinese Trumpet Vine Flowers like warm conditions and light, but the treatment of epilepsy in young plants is poor. In the family maintenance, enough light should be guaranteed. If the light is not enough, although the branches can grow normally, they will be very delicate and have the tendency to grow fruitless.

Chinese Trumpet vine requires more soil, so choose a rich, deep, sandy soil with good drainage for the treatment of epilepsy.

Chinese Trumpet Vine flower language

Chinese Trumpet vine is highly adaptable, with airborne roots growing between the branches, so that it can climb up rocks, walls or tree trunks, and is often planted on wall roots, trees, and bamboo hedges. Every year from the fifth lunar month to the end of autumn, green leaves wall extension, clusters of orange morning glory, decorated on the branches, fluttering in the wind, especially cute.

Chinese Trumpet vine means a mother's love, and is often presented with a bouquet of Holly or primrose flowers to show your love for your mother.

Chinese trumpet vine