Propagation methods of Chinese astilbe

Written by Maggie

Jan 12 2021

Propagation methods of Chinese astilbe

Chinese astilbe is a kind of common flower plant in people's life, which has a high ornamental value. Many people are cultivating it in various regions of China. With more and more people cultivating it, people are more concerned about the problem of its propagation.What are the propagation methods of Chinese astilbe? In terms of how Chinese astilbe propagates, there are mainly two methods of sowing propagation and splitting propagation. Among them, sowing propagation is the most commonly used one, while splitting propagation employs relatively few people, but the survival rate is not low at all. The specific details of the two propagation methods are listed in the following, and let's take a look.

Chinese astilbe

Splitting propagation method of Chinese astilbe

The substrate

First of all, no matter splitting propagation or sowing propagation, we need to choose the substrate first. In this regard, it is generally best to choose loose, fertile and slightly acidic sandy loam as the substrate. Such soil has good drainage and air permeability, which can better enable the plants to absorb nutrients and is not easy to cause water accumulation.


After we choose number matrix, don't immediately to propagation, also need to disinfect, lest infect plants, with plant diseases and insect pests of at the time of sterilization we can break up and then spread in the sun insolates, also can put it in the wok, then opened fire. Even if there are diseases and insect pests, that may be killed because of the high temperature.

Chinese astilbe

Sowing propagation method of Chinese astilbe

Sowing time: We are preparing for Chinese astilbe for sowing propagation. The first thing is to choose a suitable season, most of the plants generally can choose in the spring, chinese astilbe is no exception. Because spring is the season of all initial, climate is appropriate, so choose the spring seeding survival rate is very high.

Seed acceleration: before sowing propagation, we also need to accelerate the seeds of Chinese astilbe. We can soak the seeds of Chinese astilbe in warm water for about 24 hours, and then take them out for sowing when the seeds begin to absorb water and expand, so as to make the seeds germinate more quickly.

Conclusion: After reading the above content, I believe you also have a certain understanding of the propagation methods of Chinese astilbe, hopefully to be helpful for you.

Chinese astilbe