How to grow Chinese astilbe

Written by Maggie

Jan 12 2021

How to grow Chinese astilbe

Chinese astilbe is delicate flower material. We can choose full grain seed to grow, and it can also be planted with healthy seedlings. Choose fertile loose good soil. Chinese astilbe light requirements are not high. Grow it in a natural ventilated half shade place, the growth temperature is room temperature. The flower phrase of the bride is I wish to love you limpid, so it is also called the special flower for the bride. Here are steps to grow Chinese astilbe.

Chinese astilbe

Choose Chinese astilbe seeds to grow

Chinese astilbe is very rare, so people do not know how to grow Chinese astilbe. You can use seed planting and choose seeds with full and healthy particles to sow. Or you can buy healthy seedlings to plant and check whether the roots are intact, so as to better root. Before planting, to prepare the soil, as far as possible to choose fertile loose soil cultivation.

Preparation before growing Chinese astilbe

When planting Chinese astilbe, because it belongs to delicate flower materials, elected with a bouquet of plants for cultivation. The flower head first wrapped, and then cut off the roots with flower knives, and then put the plant roots into the 85 degrees of hot water soak for two minutes, play the role of sterilization, and prevent liquid outflow. And then normal curing.

Illumination for growing illumination

Chinese astilbe does not have strict requirements on illumination. Ordinary illumination is sufficient to avoid direct exposure to high temperature. When growing, it only needs to be placed in a half shade environment and can be very good growth. Ventilated shaded, living temperature at room temperature, daily morning watering operation. The soil can be moist.

Chinese astilbe as a simple and elegant ornamental plant, most varieties are very tall, generally short suitable for potted plants. chinese astilbe flower language is I wish limpid love you. Most of the time they are used as wedding bouquets. illumination has the happy the love sweet beautiful implication.

Chinese astilbe