Propagation methods of Cherry Blossom

Written by Maggie

Jan 09 2021

Propagation methods of Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom is a symbol of purity and happiness. Many people like to grow Cherry Blossom. The propagation methods of Cherry Blossom are mainly based on sowing, cutting and grafting.

Cherry Blossom

1. Cutting propagation of Cherry Blossom

Cutting propagation of Cherry Blossom is a common method. Cutting propagation should be carried out in the spring of each year. Its key points lie in the selection of branches, cuttings growth robust branches for propagation, the length of about 30cm can be intercepted. Then we need to do a good job of disinfection treatment, to be inserted into the ready soil after the cut edge dry.

After the insertion of branches, strengthen the maintenance of the later period. Cuttings will be placed in a cool and ventilated place for maintenance, appropriate water to keep the basin soil in a slightly moist state. After the branches take root, light conditions can be appropriately increased. After curing for a month, a small amount of thin liquid fertilizer can be selected to promote the growth of branches.

2. Sowing propagation of Cherry Blossom

Sowing propagation of Cherry Blossom is a long process, so it is necessary to have patience and careful maintenance in order to realize the pleasure of propagation. The key to sowing propagation lies in the treatment of seeds, which need to be planted immediately after collecting seeds, selecting suitable soil and strengthening post-planting maintenance, controlling light, moisture, temperature and nutrients to ensure the germination and normal growth of seeds.

Cherry Blossom

3. The grafting propagation method of Cherry Blossom

The grafting propagation method of Cherry Blossom is a convenient way to propagate. Since many varieties of Cherry Blossom will not bear fruit, if this method is used, it is more likely to survive by using a Cherry tree as the base and doing it in late March or late August. After three or four years, it can go out of the nursery. For grafting, wrap the incision in a plastic bag to keep it warm and prevent outside damage.

4 Division propagation of Cherry Blossom

There are two ways to apply division propagation. The first way is in autumn or early spring, the small plants you want to plant are buried in a mound of soil of thirty to fifty centimeters, so that new roots can grow out. Generally a large tree can be divided into five to ten smaller trees.

Another method is to choose a branch on a big tree near the ground in July and August, place it horizontally in the ditch, and then bury it in the soil, and wait until it takes root.

Cherry Blossom