Madagascar Periwinkle plant care

Written by Maggie

Jan 07 2021

Madagascar Periwinkle plant care

The Madagascar periwinkle is a superb plant that blooms in summer. Caring for Madagascar Periwinkle in summer and winter is very improant for its growth. Next, let's learn Madagascar Periwinkle plant care in summer and winter.

Madagascar Periwinkle

Madagascar Periwinkle plant care in summer

In summer, shade the madagascar periwinkle appropriately, water the soil every 1 to 2 days to keep it slightly wet, and apply thin fertilizer every half a month to promote growth and flowering. We should also timely pick the heart and trim it to accumulate nutrients needed for growth and flowering. The following are details of Madagascar periwinkle plant care in summer.

1. Pay attention to shade

Madagascar Periwinkle likes light. Sufficient sunlight should be given to it during growing, but the strong light of midsummer should be adequately covered to avoid burning the leaves. Do not put it in a dark environment for a long time, lack of light will cause branches and leaves to grow and do not flower. When shading in the indoor sun scattering place on the line, can move out of the room to receive the warm light in the morning and evening.

2. Add water appropriately

Madagascar Periwinkle is resistant to drought and waterlogging, water should not be too much, but the summer temperature is high water evaporation, or appropriate to increase the amount of watering. It is generally 1 to 2 days to water, keep the soil slightly moist, but also more water to maintain humidity on the leaves.

3. Topdressing fertilizer

Thin nitrogen fertilizer can be applied every half a month during the growth period to promote the growth of branches and leaves.However, phosphate and potassium fertilizer should be applied before flowering to promote the differentiation of flower buds and improve the quantity and quality of flowering plants.

4. Cut off the top

When the branches of Madagascar Periwinkle are 7 ~ 8 cm long and have 4 ~ 6 true leaves, it is necessary to cut the core and top them so as to prevent the overgrowth and save nutrients to promote the generation of new branches and leaves of Madagascar Periwinkle.

5. Trim the flowers

Madagascar Periwinkle can bloom throughout the year, so pay attention to timely pruning the residual flowers after summer flowering. The pruning of the residual flowers can save a lot of nutrients, which is more conducive to the later growth and flowering, so that the flowers will bloom continuously throughout the year.

Madagascar Periwinkle

Madagascar Periwinkle plant care in winter

When caring for Madagascar Periwinkle in winter it is necessary to first move them to the room for maintenance, maintain a suitable temperature above 10℃, and increase illumination to make them grow better. On cloudy days, light supplements can be made. The control of water and fertilizer should be watered once a week and can be applied before winter, and the branches and leaves should be pruned in time, so as to avoid excessive consumption of nutrients, and to prepare bags to increase temperature, so that it is protected from freezing damage. The following are details of Madagascar Periwinkle plant care in winter.

1.Indoor maintenance

Madagascar Periwinkle is usually maintained outdoors for better light absorption and good ventilation. However, when the temperature drops in winter, the Madagascar Periwinkle should be placed outdoors, which will easily suffer from low temperature freezing injury, resulting in poor growth and frostbite. Therefore, the Madagascar Periwinkle should be moved indoors and the temperature should be controlled above 10℃.

2. Increase light

When caring for Madagascar Periwinkle in winter, we should also pay attention to placing it in a place exposed to sunlight so that it can receive sufficient sunlight. In this way, it can not only make better photosynthesis, but also increase the surrounding temperature with sunlight so that it can grow well. If there is no light on cloudy days, the lights can be used to supplement the Madagascar Periwinkle lighting.

3. Water and fertilizer management

In winter, the demand for water and fertilizer will be greatly reduced, so attention should be paid to controlling the application of water and fertilizer during maintenance. Generally choose to water it once a week, in the high temperature at noon, the temperature and room temperature close to the water used to supplement water. Long - acting basal fertilizer can be applied once before winter, and then phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can be applied appropriately to make them have sufficient nutrients for overwintering.

4. Prune

Madagascar Periwinkle is so dense that it is necessary to trim its foliage during winter. Cut off the weak and thin branches above the plant, and shorten the over-long branches above, so as to avoid nutrient consumption of Madagascar Periwinkle and make them grow safely through the winter.

5. Bagging and heating

In fact, when caring for Madagascar Periwinkle in winter, you can also choose to cover the plastic bag above the flower pot for insulation to avoid cold wind and temperature drop, so that the plants can grow normally. You can also choose to use plastic film to cover it, and can form a small greenhouse heat preservation, so that it successfully overwinters from freezing damage.

Madagascar Periwinkle