How to propagate Madagascar Periwinkle

Written by Maggie

Jan 07 2021

How to propagate Madagascar Periwinkle

Madagascar Periwinkle is a very beautiful flower plant, more common in life, because the flowering period is long, and beautiful flower shape, rich and gorgeous color, general park or residential green belt can be seen Madagascar Periwinkle. Madagascar Periwinkle can be propagated by cutting and sowing. Next let's look at how to propagate Madagascar Periwinkle.

Madagascar Periwinkle

Madagascar Periwinkle cottage propagation

Madagascar Periwinkle cottage propagation is generally selected in April to July of each year, which can greatly improve the survival rate of cuttings. Then choose strong branches as cuttings on the mother plant, ready to rot soil and rivers and equal amounts of mixed loose sandy soil, 1/3 of the cuttings inserted into the soil, do a good job in the later watering, lighting and other maintenance work, half a month will take root. The following are steps of madagascar periwinkle cottage propagation.

1. Cutting time

Generally, cuttage propagation of Madagascar Periwinkle is carried out from April to July, when the temperature is suitable and the illumination is sufficient, which can satisfy the growth habit of Madagascar Periwinkle. And Madagascar Periwinkle is in the peak growth period at this time, so the survival rate of cuttings will be greatly improved.

2. Cut the branches

In the Madagascar Periwinkle method of cuttings, it is very important to take healthy cuttings as cuttings.· A strong cutting should be selected from the Madagascar Periwinkle mother plant. The cuttings should be between 10 and 12cm in length. All the leaves of the cuttings should be removed with scissors, only the 2 leaves at the top should be retained.

Apply a solution of potassium permanganate or carbendazim to the wound to disinfect and prevent infection. The Madagascar Periwinkle with the leaves removed was then placed in a cool, ventilated place and the wounds were allowed to dry naturally. Be careful not to make skin contact with Madagascar Periwinkle juice at this time, so as to avoid poisoning.

3. Prepare the soil

Madagascar Periwinkle does not like too wet growing environment, the soil needs to have good drainage, loose and breathable fertile sandy soil is most suitable. Leaf-rot soil and river sand can be mixed in equal amounts to prepare the required soil, and then poured to keep the soil moist and prevent water accumulation.

4. Cuttings

Cut the treated branches directly into the moist sandy soil, cutting the depth of 1/3 of the branches can be. At this time the temperature rises, it is necessary to pay attention to prevent high temperature and high humidity environments leading to cuttings rotting phenomenon, the temperature should be controlled between 20 ~ 24℃.

5. Later maintenance

Generally, half a month after cuttings, Madagascar Periwinkle branches will quickly grow new roots. During this attention should be paid to control watering, prevent seeper to bring about basin soil too much too wet, the hair root of the influence branch grows. At the same time, when the summer sun is too strong, we should pay attention to shade to prevent the top leaves from being sunburned.

Madagascar Periwinkle

Madagascar Periwinkle sowing propagation

The sowing propagation method of Madagascar Periwinkle is very simple. In peacetime, it is necessary to pay attention to provide sufficient sunshine for Madagascar Periwinkle, and in winter, it is necessary to keep warm, so as to promote better growth of Madagascar Periwinkle. Next are 4 steps of Madagascar Periwinkle sowing propagation.

1. Sowing time selection

Generally, Madagascar Periwinkle seeding can be done in spring and autumn, but it is better to seeding in March to May in spring, because spring is the most vigorous season for the growth of Madagascar Periwinkle. If seeding in this period, the survival rate of Madagascar Periwinkle will be higher, and the breeding will be much more convenient after seeding.

2. Soil selection

In the Madagascar Periwinkle plant, we need to send it to choose a suitable cultivation of the soil. Madagascar Periwinkle is very strict with soil. If you want the beautiful flowers every year, you need to choose loose soil, well-drained sandy soil, and we can choose rotting leaves, soil, peat and perlite as a 5:4:1 mixing ratio, so the soil is suitable for planting Madagascar Periwinkle.

3. Start sowing seeds

Many flower friends want to know Madagascar Periwinkle sowing propagation method. In fact, the Madagascar Periwinkle sowing method is very simple. First of all, before sowing, requires the use of 500 ~ 600 times of carbendazim liquid spraying soil sterilization, sterilization in soil, then sprinkle with Madagascar Periwinkle seeds, cladding layer of fine soil, adequate water, keep the soil moist degree, seeds will germinate after half a month.

4. Sowing management

After planting, it needs to be maintained until Madagascar Periwinkle quickly takes root. If not germinate, we need to put it in the shade. It does not need fertilization, you just need to keep the soil moist degree. After waiting for the root, we need to give it plenty of sunshine, but the strong sunshine needs to do a good job in shade watered once every 3 days, 20 days of an organic fertilizer, to help germ growth.

Madagascar Periwinkle