How to grow and care for Madagascar Periwinkle

Written by Maggie

Jan 07 2021

How to grow and care for Madagascar Periwinkle

Growing a pot of Madagascar Periwinkle can beautify the four seasons. It is rare that Madagascar Periwinkle is colorful and diverse, easy to keep and easy to live, and let's start growing and caring for Madagascar Periwinkle.

Madagascar Periwinkle

Growing Madagascar Periwinkle

In general, madagascar periwinkle is more suitable for potting, but we should pay attention not to let the plant grow too high, affect the interior decoration and ornamental, so in the pot after survival, to go through several times to pick the heart. In order to promote multiple branches, more flowers, flowers must be cut off the residual flowers. Let's take a look at the details of growing Madagascar Periwinkle.

1. The soil

Appropriate fertile and well-drained soil, barren soil, but avoid by all means slant alkaline. A compact, poorly ventilated clayey soil results in poor plant growth, yellow leaves, and no flowering.

2. Water

When growing, Madagascar Periwinkle, avoids moisture and waterproofing, basin soil watering should not be too much, too wet affect growth and development. Especially indoor winter plants should be strictly controlled watering, with dry as well, otherwise vulnerable to cold. Open cultivation, summer showers, pay attention to timely drainage, lest waterlogging caused by the whole piece of death.

3. Temperature

In the warm, slightly dry and sunny environment, the optimum temperature for growth of the Madagascar Periwinkle is 18 ~ 24℃ from March to July, 13 ~ 18℃ from September to March of the following year, and the temperature in winter is not less than 10℃.

4. Fertilization

In the growing season every 30 days or so, apply topdressing 1 time, at any time to pay attention to watering, but not water, pay attention to drainage in the rainy season. To promote branching, two or three heart picking sessions should be performed from planting to mid-August so that flowers and leaves can flourish. The overwintering temperature is 10-12℃. Madagascar Periwinkle seeding, start seeding when the temperature rises to about 10C, transplant once when the seedlings grow to 4-5 pairs of true leaves, and also take the tender shoots from the overwintering old plants for cutting in spring. 

Madagascar Periwinkle

When growing Madagascar Periwinkle, fertilizer can be applied once every ten days with compound fertilizer and liquid fertilizer alternately. Madagascar Periwinkle basin soil should also be covered with a layer of basal fertilizer to ensure the nutrient content of the basin soil.

5. Disease control

Madagascar Periwinkle common pests and diseases: often leaf rot, rust and root wart nematode harm.

Prevention and control: spray with 65 {BF} instead of Zinc WP 500 times liquid. Rust was sprayed with 50 {BF} wilting powder 2000 times liquid. Root-knot nematodes were sprayed with 80 {bf} dibromochloropropane emulsion 50 times liquid. Or multi-purpose microbial fertilizer prevention and control.

Caring for Madagascar Periwinkle

Selection of basin soil. The pot soil should choose the matrix with rich and loose humus or the culture soil made by artificial preparation. When the seedling grows 6 true leaves, the pot should be placed in a sunny place after planting.

Fertilization and watering. During the growth period, the basin soil should be dry and wet, to prevent too or too wet, avoid water. At the same time, it is necessary to apply liquid fertilizer once a month, and it is necessary to increase the application of quick-acting phosphate fertilizer during the gestation period, which is conducive to the growth and flowering of plants.

Pick the heart. The heart should be removed 1 ~ 3 times.

Insulation. In winter, it can be overwintered in a greenhouse above 5℃, and it is better to dry the soil in the basin. In spring, it is moved to the outside, and can continue to grow and blossom after changing the soil.

Sow in the open bed in the middle of April in spring, and thin the seedlings after they grow out. When the seedlings grow six true leaves, plant them in the open field or in the pot.

It is necessary to strengthen the management of fertilizer and water after colonization to promote its early emergence.

During the growth, we need to pick the heart 2-3 times, promote its branching more.

In the growing season of Madagascar Periwinkle, it should be placed outside to the sun culture. Apply the compound liquid fertilizer once every 10-15 days and keep the pot moist frequently.

In winter, it should be moved indoors, put on enough sunlight over the winter, the minimum temperature is maintained at more than 5℃, and watering is controlled. Keep the room temperature above 15-20℃ and it will bloom ever.

Madagascar Periwinkle