How to care for Madagascar Periwinkle

Written by Maggie

Jan 06 2021

How to care for Madagascar Periwinkle

Madagascar periwinkle is an extremely popular annual bedding plant because it blooms continuously throughout the growing season. How to care for Madagascar Periwinkle when its leaves curly or yellowing? Let's look toogether.

Madagascar Periwinkle

Madagascar Periwinkle care for leaves curly

Madagascar Periwinkle leaf curl is mainly caused by improper curing. During the growing period, the plant is in a state of water shortage, which will make the leaves curl and dry shrinkage. When the light is too strong and the leaves are burned, the leaves curl up. The growing temperature is too low, the plant does not grow well, the leaves will curl down. During growth, the soil solidifies and the leaves curl. The following are details of Madagascar periwinkle care for leaves curly.

1. Moisture

Madagascar Periwinkle, also called Catharanthus roseus, is a relatively common ornamental flower. During the maintenance, the leaves of the plant are found to curl, which may be caused by insufficient water. When the plant is in a state of water shortage, the leaves will curl and shrink. Plants like moisture, afraid of waterlogging, in its growth period to the appropriate amount of water. If the plant is short of water, supplement water for the plant in time.

2. Light

Madagascar Periwinkle leaves curl up, possibly because the plants are exposed to strong light. madagascar periwinkle plants are not tolerant to strong light, and the plants are exposed to hot sun, and the leaves will be burned. If the leaves of the plant are rolled up, cut off the damaged leaves and move the plant to a cool, ventilated place for maintenance. During maintenance, giving the plant a proper amount of water is conducive to plant recovery.

3. Temperature

Madagascar Periwinkle leaves curl downward, indicating the cooler temperature in which the plants grew. Madagascar Periwinkle is a thermophilic plant, suitable for plant growth in the temperature range of 20 ~ 33 degrees and winter temperature above 10 degrees. If the leaves of the plant are curly and the temperature needs to be adjusted, the plant can be moved to a warm location outside. In winter, the plant needs to be moved indoors for maintenance.

4. Soil 

The leaves of the plants can also curl if the soil is compact during growth. Madagascar Periwinkle likes acidic soil. Long-term irrigation with tap water will cause soil alkalization and aggregation, which will affect the growth of plant roots. If the soil hardening causes the leaves to curl, the plants can be watered with a ferrous sulfate solution about 30 days.

Madagascar Periwinkle

Madagascar Periwinkle care for leaves yellowing

Madagascar Periwinkle leaves yellowing is caused by many reasons, If it is caused by insufficient light, the plant will be moved to the see the light, a day to give adequate illumination, improper treatment should be in soil, soil to choose on basin after acid soil, temperature is too high in the shade, or sprayed with water around, to act as a cooling purposes. The following are details of Madagascar Periwinkle care for leaves yellowing.

1. Enough light

Madagascar Periwinkle is a common light-loving plant, or pregnant with flowering buds during long-term under the condition of no light, easy to cause the leaves yellow, the plants will also grow bad. This is one of the reasons why Madagascar Periwinkle leaves turning yellow. The plant should be moved to see the light. Give adequate illumination time, not light point-blank.

2. Soil  

The Madagascar Periwinkle root system on soil is more sensitive, if long time no in the basin, or choose the soil too hardened alkaline, can lead to root rot, the leaves will gradually yellow. At this time, we should apply timely replacement of the soil, choose the acidic soil drainage good performance. Change the soil every year to ensure the normal growth of the root system.

3. Temperature

Madagascar Periwinkle likes to grow in warm climates, and it will be even undesirable if it is higher than 32℃. If it grows in a high temperature environment for a long time, leaf photosynthesis will be blocked and the phenomenon of yellowing and wilting will occur. At this time, the flower pot should be moved to a cool and ventilated place, and water should be sprayed around in a high temperature season to achieve the purpose of cooling down.

4. Prevention of disease

Madagascar Periwinkle is prone to the hazards of gray mold and spot blight at the seedling stage, and the branches and leaves will gradually become yellow and withered after the disease. It is better to water thoroughly during the disease and pay attention to ventilation to minimize the damage. In case of serious disease, appropriate carbendazim solution should be used for spraying control.

Madagascar Periwinkle