How to take care of succulent plants

Written by Maggie

Dec 21 2020

How to take care of succulent plants

Succulent plants are popular indoor potted plants among flower lovers in recent years. Because of their diverse forms and good health, succulent dishes are very suitable for cultivation. Many friends want to make succulents fat and beautiful. How to take care of succulent plants during growing? Here are some caring details for succulents.


How to take care of succulents plants root poles becoming black

Black succulent pole may be due to improper watering. We can control water to ease. If more succulents had black rot, we need to go to the pharmacy to buy professional agents to deal with. It is also possible that fleshy roots rotted caused by black, and we can cut off the roots rotted part. Fleshy aging at the same time also can make it black bands.

1. Watering for succulents

The blackening of the succulent root pole may be caused by the watering problem in the growing process. Frequent overwatering and long time without watering can easily cause the blackening of the succulent root pole. Because the succulent growth requires a balanced amount of water, and the frequency and frequency of watering can be controlled in the later stage to alleviate the blackening symptoms of the pole.

2. Black rot of succulents

In addition to the watering problem will cause the succulent rod to turn black, if the succulent rod has black rot, if it is caused by black rot, it is a disease, it needs to be dealt with timely, otherwise it will affect the normal growth of succulent. We need to go to the flower shop to buy professional medicine to deal with.

3. Succulents roots rotted

And if you find that it's blackened in the course of succulent growth you can think about whether it's caused by the Rankine. Because there's a problem with the succulent root system and the stem part can't absorb the nutrients and water properly, so it's blackened. You can take the succulent out of the soil, and you can cut away the rotting root system.

4, Aging of succulents

succulents will gradually age. In areas such as the stem, which capacity is a gradual decline in metabolism. Its pole developed belongs to a kind of normal aging. For this kind of circumstance, we need not worry too much, because the black will not affect the normal growth of succulents.


How to take care of succulents fleshy roots dry

1. Succulents transportation time

Sometimes succulent roots are normal and can be fed. If a newly purchased succulent root becomes woody because of a lack of moisture during transportation, cut off some of the roots with scissors, dry them, and plant them in moist soil. After a few days, the roots will slowly grow back.

2. Water shortage of succulents

If you don't water the succulent for a long time, its root system will not absorb water, so naturally there will be dry lignification. At this time you should often give the succulent water, adhere to twice a day, two watering intervals, otherwise it is easy to cause waterlogging. The succulent root system will slowly soften after one week or so.

3. Succulents serving period

It takes a period of time to adapt to the soil in the basin. During this period, the succulent root system will dry up. This is a normal kind of dry up, which is more conducive to rooting for dehydration.

4, Succulents aging

It is a normal phenomenon when fleshy roots have 2 ~ 3 years will appear dry wood. Because at that time the old root has lost its vitality, has no ability to continue to absorb nutrients and water, so it will dry up. In this case it will not affect the normal growth of succulents.