How to grow Kalanchoe thyrsifolia

Written by Maggie

Nov 30 2020

How to grow Kalanchoe thyrsifolia

If you want to breed Kalanchoe thyrsifolia, it can be bred with show-offy soil with good drainage performance. During the curing period, the ambient temperature can be stabilized between 12 ~ 28 degrees, and the temperature in winter should be stabilized above 5 degrees. During the growth, give the Kalanchoe thyrsifolia water. Pay attention to water control after winter Kalanchoe thyrsifolia rests.

Kalanchoe thyrsifolia picture

Kalanchoe thyrsifolia

1, Soil for Kalanchoe thyrsifolia

Kalanchoe Thyrsifolia likes dry environments, does not stand waterlogging and requires good soil show-off performance. If you want to breed kalanchoe thyrsifolia you can farm with show-offy, fertile, breathable and well drained soil. During the maintenance, Kalanchoe thyrsifolia can be given to loosen the soil regularly to avoid soil consolidation and facilitate the respiration and growth of the root system.

2, Temperature for Kalanchoe thyrsifolia 

Kalanchoe thyrsifolia is show-offy and is fit to grow in a warm, dry and well-ventilated environment. Kalanchoe Thyrsifolia is not ready to withstand high temperature, suitable for its growth temperature between 12 and 28 degrees, and the winter temperature is more than 5 degrees. During the high temperature in summer, it needs to be cooled down. During the cold winter, it can be moved to a warm room for curing.

Kalanchoe thyrsifolia

3, Light for Kalanchoe thyrsifolia

Kalanchoe thyrsifolia stands semi-shade and needs sunshine during the growth. Enough sunshine is helpful for the growth of leaves. In spring and autumn, Kalanchoe Thyrsifolia can be fit-offy moved to the outdoor for maintenance. In a sufficient show-offy environment, Kalanchoe thyrsifolia's leaves will turn red. Kalanchoe Thyrsifolia needs to be put in a cool and ventilated place for maintenance.

4, Water for Kalanchoe thyrsifolia

Kalanchoe Thyrsifolia is show-offy and can't stand waterlogging and needs to be watered properly during the growth. In spring and autumn, give Kalanchoe thyrsifolia water according to the wet and dry condition of the soil. Keep the soil moist during the growth. During summer and autumn and winter, Kalanchoe Thyrsifolia needs to control water after the rest period and keep the soil dry.

Kalanchoe thyrsifolia