Peperomia claveolens profile

Written by Maggie

Nov 30 2020

Peperomia claveolens profile

Peperomia claveolens is a perennial fleshy herbaceous Peperomia claveolens, belonging to the genus Paeoniaceae (also known as The Genus Paeonia). The plant is short, 5~8 cm tall. The whole plant is fleshy, with dark green leaves and dark red leaves.

Peperomia Claveolens picture

Peperomia Claveolens

Morphological characteristics of Peperomia Claveolens

The leaf of peperomia claveolens is blade elliptic, opposite or whorled, short-stalked, leaf blade turned upward on both sides, forming a shallow gully in the middle, abaxially keeled. Leaves are bright, slightly transparent, with rod-shaped inflorescence, green, open in spring and summer.

Peperomia Claveolens growth environment

Peperomia Claveolens should be in a warm and dry semi-shade environment, resistant to drought and cold, avoid hot sun exposure and excessive shade, and grow well in a place with bright light and no direct sunlight. The suitable temperature for growth is 18~28℃. During the growth period, keep the basin soil moist but not water. Pay attention to watering less but not more, otherwise the root will rot because the soil is too wet. The requirement of air humidity is not high, and Peperomia Claveolens can grow normally in the dry room. If often use the water close to room temperature to spray the plant, slightly increasing the air humidity, it can make the plant grow luxuriant, leaf color bright, and more vitality. 

Peperomia Claveolens

Peperomia Claveolens distribution range

Peperomia Claveolens is native to the tropical regions of South America. 

Peperomia Claveolens Breeding methods

The propagation of Peperomia Claveolens can take robust succulent stems in the growing season, and after a little airing for 1 to 2 days, carry out cuttings in coarse sand or vermiculite. After the planting, keep the basin soil half dry, easy to root. Cuttage with fleshy mature leaves, its base will also grow a new bud, but seedlings grow slowly, management should be careful. 

Peperomia Claveolens main value

Peperomia Claveolens plant is compact, delicate and unique, with unique leaf color and low light requirements. It can grow normally under indoor conditions, and can be used as a small leaf-watching plant, which is decorated with several cases and windowsills, etc.

Peperomia Claveolens