How to grow Echeveria Neon breaker

Written by Maggie

Nov 30 2020

How to grow Echeveria Neon breaker

To grow Echeveria Neon breaker, grow it in a well-drained soil. During winter, the ambient temperature can be stabilized at about 10 degrees, which is beneficial to Echeveria Neon breaker. Give Echeveria Neon breaker plenty of light and water during spring and fall growth. However, Echeveria Neon breaker is not waterlogged and should be careful to water it properly.

Echeveria Neon breaker picture

Echeveria Neon breaker

1, Soil for Echeveria Neon breaker

Echeveria neon breaker is a plant of the genus Echeveria. It is a succulent plant with beautiful leaves and high ornamental value. The echeveria neon breaker is not watertight. If you want to breed it, you can grow it with loose, fertile, breathable and well drained soil. During the curing period, the loose soil can be given regularly, which is conducive to the growth of the root system.

2, Temperature for Echeveria Neon breaker

Echeveria Neon Breaker is warm and grows well in a warm, dry and well ventilated climate. The echeveria neon breaker has poor cold resistance and needs to be moved to a warm room for maintenance during the winter. During maintenance, the ambient temperature needs to be stabilized at about 10 degrees. If the temperature is below 5 degrees, Echeveria Neon breaker is vulnerable to freezing damage.

Echeveria Neon breaker

3, Light for Echeveria Neon breaker 

Echeveria Neon breaker likes light. During growing, in a sunny environment, it is easy to get out. Spring and autumn is a good growing season. Place the Echeveria Neon breaker in an outdoor location with good light. Sufficient light will make the leaves more bright. Shade the Echeveria Neon breaker to avoid leaf burns due to heavy summer light.

4, Water for Echeveria Neon breaker

Echeveria Neon breaker is a succulent plant with strong drought resistance and waterlogging resistance. During maintenance, proper watering is required, and the soil can be watered after it dries out, otherwise the root system will rot after the accumulation of water. Due to the influence of temperature, Echeveria Neon breaker will go into hibernation state during high temperature in summer or low temperature in winter. Water control is needed after stopping growth.

Echeveria Neon breaker