How to take care of Magnolia alba

Written by Maggie

Jan 06 2021

How to take care of Magnolia alba

Magnolia alba is a kind of tree, flowering fragrance elegant. Its flowers give change, some dignified and beautiful, some elegant. The leaves are always green and graceful, and even when not in bloom they look like a work of art. For the high ornamental value, we all prefer to grow it at home. While some problems occur when we growing it. How to take care of Magnolia alba leaves drooping or yellowing. Let's look together.

Magnolia alba

How to take care of Magnolia alba leaves drooping

The drooping leaves of magnolia alba may be caused by lack of light, deterioration of the soil, improper watering or infection of the leaves. When Magnolia Alba is cultivated, it must be exposed to four hours of light every day, and the soil must be changed once a year. The replaced soil can be prepared by mixing leaf rot, garden soil and coarse sand. The following are details of how to take care of Magnolia alba leaves drooping.

1. Sufficient light

Magnolia Alba likes light, and the longer the light lasts, the more vigorous the plants grow. The lack of light may be the reason for the drooping leaves of Magnolia Alba when it is being farmed, four hours of light should be given to the plants every day. On cloudy and rainy days, light lamps can be used to illuminate Magnolia Alba instead of sunlight.

2. Soil  

The soil for cultivation of Magnolia Alba has not changed for a long time, which also leads to the drooping of Magnolia's leaves. The soil for cultivation should be changed once a year according to the size of the plants. The soil for cultivation can be mixed with leaf rot soil, garden soil and coarse sand, and the soil nutrients added with leaf rot soil are more abundant.

3. Proper watering

Magnolia Alba needs water for fear of waterlogging, and improper watering method during breeding will also cause its leaves to sag. In normal times, it is necessary to water Magnolia Alba once a week, once two days when the temperature is high, and do not leave any water in each watering. In summer, it still needs to spray water to blade often, preventing the leaves from lack water dry.

4. Diseases and insect pests control

When insect infestation occurs to Magnolia Alba's leaves, it will also lead to drooping of the leaves, so attention should be paid to the prevention of diseases and insect pests at ordinary times. If the leaves turn yellow and drooping may be infected with chlorosis, then ferrous sulfate solution can be sprayed on the leaves for treatment, and the leaves will normally return to normal after spraying for 3-4 times.

Magnolia alba

How to take care of Magnolia alba leaves yellowing

If Magnolia alba appear leaves yellow phenomenon, it may be caused by daily watering too much, now we need to trim roots rotted, on basin can be placed stones at the bottom of the pot. In winter we need to control the temperature above 10 ℃. If given a strong light, the plants will appear yellow, and we should put it in a half overcast environment. If it suffers from yellowing disease, spray leaves treated with ferrous sulfate. The following are details of how to take care of Magnolia alba leaves yellowing

1. Adjust humidity

Magnolia Alba likes to grow in a dry environment. If you water too much in your daily life, there will be root rot. At this time, the root system can be pruned and the excess water excreted.

2. Raise the temperature

When the temperature is lower than 0℃, the plants will suffer frostbite, unable to absorb nutrients and water normally, and the leaves will suffer from malnutrition. At this time, the temperature can be adjusted to the environment above 10℃.

3. Half shade farming

Magnolia Alba does not like strong light. If it is exposed to strong light for a long time, the leaves will turn yellow. At this time, the flowerpot should be moved to a semi-shade environment, which should be watered, and the leaves will gradually return to their normal color after a slow curing.

4. Treatment of chlorosis disease

If the plant suffers from chlorosis, the phenomenon of yellow leaves will also appear. At this time, acid soil should be used to spray 1000 times diluted ferrous sulfate on the leaves every other week. At the same time, vitriol fertilizer water should be sprayed every other week for about 4 times in a row, and the phenomenon of yellow leaves of the plant will be effectively improved.

Magnolia alba