How to propagate St. Johns wort

Written by Maggie

Jan 18 2021

How to propagate St. Johns wort

St. John 's wort can use sowing, cutting, division for propagating, as well as the method of sowing propagation is a common method. After mature seeds to be picked, with warm water for 2 days, covering 1 cm of the soil after seeding, keep the soil moist during 12 days or so. John' s wort will take root to germinate. The following are 4 propagation methods of St. John 's wort.

St. John 's wort

1. Sowing propagation method of St. John 's wort

St. John 's wort seeds in September will be mature in the autumn, the seeds can be took place under the ventilation air is basked in, will be the outside of package to remove, use warm water soak after two days of time, remove the weeds of the soil at the same time, and the commune 1 m as a seedbed, will process after the good seed sowing in the form of seedling to soil, covering 1 cm of soil, water conservation 10 days time will sprout. The following are steps to propagate St. John 's wort by sowing.

Take the seeds

How to plant the seeds of St. John's Wort? The seeds of St. John's Wort matures in September every year. At this time, the fruits can be picked and directly sown, or stored for sowing in April of the next spring at a temperature of about 5℃.

Seed soaking

Place the picked seeds in a ventilated place to dry, and then rub them by hand after the skin is dried. In order to germinate the seeds as soon as possible, they can be soaked in warm water for about 2 days. After the seeds of St. John's Wort have absorbed enough water, they can be planted.

Soil preparation 

For open planting, a small amount of river sand should be added to the original soil. After that, weeds and garbage should be removed from the soil to maintain a clean growth environment. After that, the soil can be turned 1 cm deep for disinfection and sterilization treatment.


The seed sowing in the form of seeding to soil, soil cover a centimeter, and if the temperature is not appropriate, can be covered a layer of mat or straw is used for keeping warm, cover before the need to use spray water the way to keep the soil moist, every 4 days during the period of time, spraying water breeding seeds will germinate about 10 days time.

Cutting propagation method of St. John 's wort

St.John's Wort can also be used for cuttings propagation. The branches with strong growth can be selected from the main branches, and the length of about 10cm can be cut. After that, the branches can be soaked in rooting water or austine to help the branches take root quickly.

St. John 's wort

Plant division propagation of St. John 's wort

St. John 's wort division time is the best option in April spring or autumn in October, the suitable temperature can increase the chances of survival environment, then with the root seedlings and points of separation, with wrapped in nylon bag root, to be planted to make good soil, in a cool environment, water once every three days, the growth of the moist environment. The following are steps to propagate St. John 's wort by division.

1. Division time

Many flower friends do not know how St. John's wort propagates, but in fact, the method is relatively simple. Choosing the appropriate time can increase the chance of survival. Most of St. John's wort propagates in spring, April or autumn, October, and mild weather is conducive to the recovery of St. John's wort.

2. Plant preparation

The soil of St. John's Wort needs to be kept dry for better planting, so watering should be stopped within the first 4 days. After that, humus, sandy soil and vermiculite should be prepared and put into another flowerpot after mixing them. Preparing for planting in advance can save time.

3. Planting process

The seedlings with their own roots are separated from the mother plant, leaving part of the soil in their original form. The roots can be wrapped in nylon bags and planted in the prepared soil to increase the chances of survival of the seedlings. The roots are then covered with soil until they are submerged.

4. Curing after dividing

After the planting is completed, water should be watered and moistened. During this period, cultivation should be carried out in the dark. If the light is too strong, water will be lost quickly.

Tissue culture propagation method of St. John 's wort

Choose the newly-grown branches, the dirt cleaned with water, use scissors to cut into 3 cm pieces, after dry using a high concentration of alcohol for 20 seconds or so. The small stem section containing a bud points into the induction differentiation medium. After taking root it can be moved to grow within the basin.

St. John 's wort