How to propagate Sorrowless Tree

Written by Maggie

Jan 19 2021

How to propagate Sorrowless Tree

Sorrowless Tree is commonly propagated by sowing. Its mature seeds are collected in August, then choose loose ability high humus soil, plant, then sow Sorrowless Tree seed to the soil, covering 1 cm of the soil. We can keep a certain gap between seeds. The following are 4 steps of propagating Sorrowless Tree by sowing.

Sorrowless Tree

1. Seed collection before propagating

Sorrowless Tree is a woody plant, so the propagation method of sorrowless Tree is usually carried out by sowing. Around August is the time for sorrowless tree seeds to mature. At this time, the seeds can be collected.

2. Soil preparation for Sorrowless Tree propagation

We need to choose loose soil when sowing propagating, mostly humus soil. In addition, some coarse sand, such as small stones, can be added to the bottom of the flowerpot, which can increase the drainage capacity of soil and is conducive to the early germination of seeds. The prepared soil can be placed in the sun for disinfection and sterilization.

3. Sowing propagation process

Sow the seeds of Sorrowless Tree into the soil on a sunny day, then cover the soil with 1cm of soil, and keep a certain gap between the seeds. After that, water the soil to keep it moist and place it in a cool environment for cultivation. After half a month, the seeds of Sorrowless Tree will germinate.

4. Transfer to a bowl after sowing propagation

When the seeds of Sorrowless Tree sprout and grow seedlings, they can be transplanted. You can choose about March in spring, when the temperature is suitable. After transplantation, you can quickly adapt to the surrounding environment, choose a flowerpot of an appropriate size, and give the Sorrowless Tree enough space to grow.

Sorrowless Tree