How to propagate Snapdragon

Written by Maggie

Jan 22 2021

How to propagate Snapdragon

Snapdragon looks very beautiful. In addition to viewing, Snapdragon has many functions and functions. In medicine, it can treat all kinds of diseases. How to propagate Snapdragon? Snapdragon propagation methods are mainly sowing and cutting propagation.

Snapdragon propagation methods

Snapdragon cutting propagation method

(1) Cutting time propagation

Unlike other flowers propagated from cuttings, Snapdragon can be propagated all year round. But if we want to improve the survival rate, we had better choose spring and autumn, two seasons, a conditional greenhouse sunshine room, and winter can also be carried out cutting propagation.

(2) Cuttings selection for propagation

In Snapdragon cutting propagation, the choice of cuttings is particularly key. If the cuttings are selected well, the whole propagation will be more than half successful. When the Snapdragon grows to about 9 cm and has 8-10 true leaves, the heart should be removed. When the heart is picked, 4-6 pieces of true leaves are left, and the tender head with 4 pieces of true leaves on the upper part is picked, which can be used as cuttings for propagation.

(3) Matrix preparation for propagation

Before Snapdragon cutting propagation, in addition to time and cuttings, the substrate is also required. At this time, flower friends can use two parts of sandy loam plus one part of vegetation ash after fully mixed with a fine sieve. Rinse the seedling box or shallow basin with water, and then add the coarse soil about 2/3 of the height of the sieve, and then spread about 2 cm of fine soil on it, and spray water appropriately.

(4) Cutting propagation method

Cutting with a diameter of about three millimeters of bamboo rod in advance in the matrix of the hole, hole while insert cuttings, and two fingers gently compacted the base of the culture soil cuttings. When applying cutting propagation, cutting density is about 2.5cmX3cm, so cutting off the leaves encountered but not overlapping is better. Spray enough water and place it in a cool place for maintenance.

(5) Post-cutting propagation maintenance

After completing the above steps, Snapdragon cutting propagation is basically successful, but post-planting maintenance can not be ignored. Cuttings, every morning and evening to the basin soil and cuttings water about two times, keep the basin soil moist. Cloudy days, generally do not need watering, if the basin soil white, can be a moderate amount of watering.

Snapdragon propagation methods

Sowing propagation of Snapdragon

Snapdragon has gorgeous colors, good ornamental value and strong medicinal value. In addition to cutting propagation, sowing can also be used to propagate. It is worth mentioning that Snapdragon seeding and propagation can also be divided into seedbed seeding and hole plate seeding. Let's take a look at the specific sowing propagation methods.

Sowing propagation time 

Snapdragon sowing propagation time can be in the spring and autumn sowing. Generally, autumn sowing propagation is more common in the Yangtze River Basin, and also in the northern region. The autumn sowing seedlings are more robust than the spring sowing seedlings.

Seedbed sowing

(1) The soil. Seedbed seeding is one of Snapdragon's seeding and propagation methods, which requires very high soil requirements. Flower friends should choose loose structure, low water table, good drainage, rich in organic matter, sandy loam soil is good. Seedbed soil should be fine and smooth.

(2) Disinfection. To prevent pests and diseases, the site will be sun-dried 2-3 times about 25 days before sowing propagation and the soil will be disinfected with carbofuran prior to sowing.

(3) Water. When applying sowing propagation, the seedbed should be poured permeable. The seeds should be mixed with fine sand at 1:4 and evenly spread on the seedbed. After sowing, a thin layer of vegetation ash should be covered. After watering, use 50% shading net to cover, avoid sun exposure by all means, and can be transplanted 5-6 weeks after emergence.

Hole disc sowing

Hole plate seeding is also a Snapdragon seedling propagation method. At this time, the disinfection of seeds and media is very important. Soak the seeds in 0.5% potassium permanganate solution for 1-2 hours before sowing. Each cubic meter medium (about 20 bags) in the addition of methyl tobujin powder 150-200g, stirring 2-3 times, so that the drug and the medium fully mixed, and then the side of water mixing, adjust to the medium "hand into a group, loose and not loose" is appropriate, with a film covering stacked 8-10 hours after installed in the hole plate.

Each hole dish can sow 200 seeds, each hole put a seed, after sowing gently by hand extrusion, so that the seeds and the media adhesive, and then spray permeable with a sprayer to cover the newspaper or plastic film, such as nursery can be dry, wet, temperature control is not necessary to cover. Keep the newspaper wet for a long time, and open the newspaper after the seeds germinate.

After reading the above content, I believe you have some understanding of Snapdragon propagation, hoping to be helpful to you.

Snapdragon propagation methods